Samsung Forum: 3D TVs in the shops from March

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Samsung will be the first to bring 3D TVs to UK shops they announced today at the Samsung 2010 Forum in Vienna, with the 3D flat screen TVs available from March.

“Today is the day 2d content gets liberated, we are bringing a new world of full HD 3D television” said Samsung President Hu.

Fellow Samsung exec promised that 3D is no fad saying they have 20 different 3D products launching next month – “3D is not a niche product every single high end Samsung television will have 3D” he announced

Samsung promise not just the TV sets but also the glasses and – crucially – the content. A partnership with Dreamworks and sports broadcasters are already stitched up: yes you will be able to see the World Cup in 3D and Dreamwork’s Aliens vs Monsters will come out in 3D available for home viewing.

Flagship 3D TV device is the C9000 LED screen: at less than 0.3 inches thick, it is literally pencil-thin. It will be available with a 40inch screen speccing up to a vast 63. The largest 3D device is an LCD TV with an almost home-cinema-sized 65 inch screen.

Prices are not yet finalised, but we are assured are “very reasonable”

By Anna Leach | February 22nd, 2010

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