New iPhone games: Angry Birds Stella POP!

5 of the best new iPhone games

There’s a whole world of mobile gaming out there, and if you download something new, you never know, you just might like it. Here’s our pick of five of the best new iPhone games so you can shake things up…

iPad editing apps: Snapseed.

5 of the best iPad photo editing apps

If you want a little more than the basic crop/straighten/rotate, you’re going to want to check out our list of five of the best iPad photo editing apps around, for anything from creating professional effects to ensuring your Instagram game is on point…

New Android games: DomiNations.

5 great new Android games you can play today

Whether you’re stuck in a doctor’s waiting room or on a long commute, if you follow our advice and download some of our picks of the best new Android games out now, you’ll never be bored (or God forbid, have to read a book) again…

Apple Watch apps: Yelp.

13 of the best apps for the Apple Watch: Yelp, Do Button, Instagram

As soon as you’ve got your hands on your new Apple Watch, you’ll want to set up all the basics, like syncing it with your iPhone. But after that, you can get on with the fun stuff: customising it and adding the apps you want/need. But what should you download first? Here are our 13 of our favourite apps for the Apple Watch to get you started…

WhatsApp iPhone blocking

How to block someone on WhatsApp

WhatsApp? NOT YOU, MATEY. Here’s how to block someone on WhatsApp using an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia or Windows Phone.

LinkedIn block

How to block someone on LinkedIn

Even the world’s premier professional boasting site isn’t free of creeps and spammers – not to mention everyone you were at primary school with pretending ‘workiversaries’ are a real thing. But just like other social networks, you can delete and block those contacts to your heart’s content…

10 Interesting apps for when you're bored.

10 entertaining apps for when you’re bored

Remember when you were younger and got SO bored sometimes but your parents didn’t seem to care and you didn’t even have the internet? Yeah, those days are over. These days we can always find something to entertain us, the challenge is choosing the right thing. That’s where our list comes in.

Cab app Hailo offers free taxis to voters

Hailo, the taxi app that was Uber for black cabs before Uber existed, is giving away free taxi rides to anyone voting in the General Election. All you need to do is pre-book your cab using the Hailo app (iOS, Android and Apple Watch), go to your polling station, and as long as your fare’s under £15, it’s free.

Swimmo smartwatch launches on Kickstarter. Available to backers later in the year

There are lots of smart watches out there for general fitness as well as for specific sports such as running and cycling. However the appropriately named Swimmo claims to be the first specifically-designed smart watch for both pool and open water swimmers. True, there are watches available from Speedo and from smaller companies like the…

Firebox introduces Instacube, a physical frame for your Instagram photos

There's a big market for ways to show off your digital photos in the real world (see Boomf, for example) - and Firebox have just introduced a new one to the UK: the Instacube. This wireless physical frame looks a fair bit like the Instagram logo (but not in a trademark-infringing way, we assume) and livestreams…