Desi Perkins eyebrows

How to get natural-looking eyebrows: 5 definitive YouTube brow tutorials

Eyebrows have gone berserk over the past few years. And while the craze for Cara-inspired caterpillars is cooling off, there’s still a huge demand for fuller, shapelier brows – and just as much mystery around how you actually achieve them. So we found five of the best YouTube tutorials to boost every type of brow.

New beauty products for Summer 2015 from Too Faced

The Too Faced Summer releases are a mix of functional and fun, with a little bit of novelty thrown in for good measure.  The focus is mostly on palettes, with some additional shades of their Melted lipsticks being added with a metallic twist; not sure I can pull off a metallic lip without looking like…
Favourite food, fashion and beauty Instagrammers

15 of our favourite beauty, fashion and food accounts to follow on Instagram

Sometimes you need inspiration, sometimes you need hot tips – and sometimes you just want to gaze at impossibly beautiful photographs of sunsets, lipsticks, full skirts and flat whites while you’re standing in someone’s armpit on the bus. So we’ve rounded up our favourite fashion, beauty and food Instagrammers to give your feed a spring boost. Flex that scrolling thumb and enjoy.

Summer-ready beauty: 10 summery nail polishes

Suddenly the sun is out, winter is over, and it's time to put away your moody blues and deep, dark berry shades of polish in favour of something lighter, brighter and more tan-friendly.  To help you pick out your next favourite shade, here are nine great Summer nail polishes plus one brilliant top coat to choose from:…

Researchers have created a trackpad that fits on your thumbnail

This isn't a stick-on nail decoration: It's a tiny trackpad. As in, the kind you have on your laptop instead of a mouse. It's called NailO, and it's been developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as an easy way to "let users control wireless devices when their hands are full — answering the phone…