Can Appetite Suppressants Help You Lose Weight After The Holidays?

The holiday season is just around the corner. Whatever else can happen, nothing can stop us from spending the most wonderful time of the year together with our family and friends, eating as many gingerbread men as we want. Well, not only gingerbread men but also a heck of a lot of sugar-packed treats squeezed between multi-course meals and festive cocktails. No wonder the majority of people easily gain at least a couple of pounds for a very short period of time reserved for celebration. To make things worse, overeating doesn’t only bring extra weight (unfortunately, getting extras is not always awesome) but also an array of health problems. 

When the holidays are gone, it’s time to get rid of those excess pounds, which usually turns out to be a pretty challenging task because our body has been used to receiving a huge amount of food and doesn’t want to lose this privilege. However, the owners of extra pounds are desperate to get back on track and make every effort to eat less and start with workouts, but that terrible hunger just doesn’t let them reach the desired goals. 

At this point, appetite suppressants come into play and work miracles. Or do they really? Let’s take a closer look at these medications to answer the stirring question, “Can appetite suppressants help you lose weight after the holidays?” once and for all.

Just as the name suggests, appetite suppressants are medications created to help people control their too intense desire for food. Just a heads up, too intense is the keyword – this type of drug is not intended to be used as a means of killing natural, “normal” appetite. 

When taken as prescribed, appetite suppressants are safe to use and can be real game-changers on the uneasy weight loss path. As stated by experts at, they can be especially useful when combined with fat burner pills. Depending on the formulation, appetite suppressants can either curb your general desire for food throughout the day or ensure that you feel full much sooner than it is usually the case during your meals. Either way, both your body and digestive system benefit from that action because when you are not hungry, you have no intentions to reach for a chocolate bar or whatever you can find in the depths of your fridge.

When To Expect Results

Many people tend to gain weight very quickly, a small dessert after a delicious dinner, a glass of red wine in the course of the holidays – and the scale in the bathroom shows several pounds more. One would expect those pounds to disappear as quickly as they came, but no, it doesn’t go this way. Every pound you want to lose will take at least one week of mindful eating and intensive workout. 

And that’s the case only if your fat is relatively “young” because the “old” one accumulated after last holiday season is even harder to shed. Perhaps, you have heard that weight loss pills can help you burn stubborn fat, which is true, especially when combined with a healthy eating plan. The same situation is with appetite suppressants that are designed to trick your brain by sending it a signal that you are not hungry. But if you continue to eat as much as you want because you know that it is just a trick, you will never slim down.

So, does it get any faster with appetite suppressants? Yes, if you do not trick them, stick to a healthy diet, eat small portions, and consume mainly protein-rich food. If you add daily workouts, then the desired results will come much quicker. Just do not try to take a greater dose of the medication than the prescribed because it definitely won’t help you lose weight but might trigger a range of side effects such as insomnia, dizziness, nervousness, and various digestive problems, including constipation and stomach pain.

Who Can Use Appetite Suppressants

Generally speaking, everyone who needs additional support to lose weight and fight with a too intense desire for food (and those cravings) can use appetite suppressants, especially if your BMI is more than 30. Ensure you do not have any serious health issues or take other drugs that can’t go together.

To sum up, a properly selected appetite suppressant can be your strong weapon if you are struggling to lose weight gained over the holiday season. If nothing else, they can set your body up for a more intensive weight loss plan. You can reach your goals much faster if you combine them with physical activity and a healthy eating plan.