Fresh Marketing on a Budget

When it comes to promoting your business it feels as if there are 101 things you could be doing. In the old days it was easy, you relied on word of mouth and some paid for advertising to get your product on everyone’s lips, but nowadays your promotional activities are spread far and wide. From social media campaigns to direct marketing solutions and everything in between.

But is all that effort worth it? Yes, it is. Your product is worth shouting about from the rooftops and in this blog we take a look at some fresh low-cost marketing ideas to help you do just that.

Is Your Website Performing to the Max?

Before you take another step into marketing, first have a good look at how your website is performing. Whether you manufacture industrial machinery or run a clothing company, your website is your shop face and if it’s not 100% perfect then you’re missing a trick. 

Take some time to go through your page analytics. Figure out which pages are performing well and which aren’t. Why don’t people stay on those poorly performing pages? What can you do to improve the content? Make a change with some fresh words, tailor the information so it gives people exactly what they need when they visit that change and monitor your analytics to see if it’s made an impact.

Get Personal

Take your marketing to the next level with some 1:1 marketing ideas. You want to remind your customer that you exist, so show you remember something about them. Start by crunching your data and find some stats that can help you.

Send out birthday cards, remind them it’s been 150 days since they made their last purchase from you and entice them back with an offer. Offer a loyalty card. The only thing this costs is time and if you’ve got a good CRM package in place then even that won’t be too expensive.

Image from Pexels: CC0 licence

Get Digital

Consider a digital marketing plan and experiment with some new ideas. Run training courses? Why not try out using a popup banner for eLearning companies that will grab your customer’s attention as they browse. Taking your marketing into the 21st century can sound like it may cost a lot, but with a short campaign you can stop and evaluate how much traffic is being driven to your website before you think about investing any more.

Get Writing

If you don’t already do so, it’s time to put yourself out there with a newsletter to your customer base. A great way of reminding your customer that you’re still there, a newsletter also acts as a vehicle to deliver special offers, ask for customer feedback and impart useful information. Deliver it at the right time and you’ll send a powerful market tool, right into their inbox. Just make sure that your content is fun, interesting and, above all, relevant.

Get Videoing

Or more specifically YouTubing. If you’ve covered the rest of the bases in terms of social media platforms, then why not think about some creative video content for your site or to use in your marketing campaigns. 

Be as creative as you feel and with a little investment you’ll have a new channel that can help draw in your specific YouTube customer base. Success relies on making sure that your content is relevant to your customer.

Get Blogging

Another effective and free way to establish yourself as the voice of authority in your industry. Run a gardening company? Make that blog a weekly column of top gardening tips in keeping with the season. Make it personal by telling readers what you’re up to in your own garden.

You’ll look helpful, knowledgeable and add that personal touch that can really help you stand apart from the crowd.

Get Competitive

Or rather ask your customers to be. Everyone loves a competition and if you’re looking for a fresh way to engage your customer base, then hold a competition with a great prize. Make sure it’s well worth the effort taken to enter and use the run-up to the announcement to carry out some smart marketing.

Use your contact wisely, don’t bombard your sign-ups with marketing emails but rather think about staying in touch in a more organic way.

Marketing is an effective tool but it can come at quite a cost. Take a few of our free or low cost tips to turn your marketing around. Finding innovative and effective ways to engage with your customers is key to a successful campaign.