Take a look at the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in this leaked press shot

The latest batch of Samsung flagships aren’t expected to be announced until Sunday’s Galaxy Unpacked event, but thanks to someone jumping the gun at US network Sprint we seem to have an ‘official’ glimpse at the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge ahead of time.

As expected, the image shows off two distinct Samsung phones and annoyingly it isn’t particularly easy to tell which one is which. The blue-screened phone on the right does have some distortion around the edges, so it’s likely that this one is the S6 Edge with the much-rumoured dual-edge display.

But, as ever, we shouldn’t get too excited about this leak being 100% accurate. It is more than possible that someone threw this together in photoshop one afternoon and released it online to see what would happen. As pointed out by Gizmodo UK, the word ‘edge’ appears  both with and without a capital letter. This could easily be a mistake, but a big company like Samsung is probably not going to accept such obvious mistakes in its marketing material

Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event starts at 5.30pm on Sunday, so we’ll have to wait until then before we get to see the legitimate marketing materials for comparison.

Tom Pritchard