StoreDot wants your phone’s battery to fully charge in a minute

Your phone could have the most amazing features and hardware in the world but, let’s face it, without power in the battery it’s worse than useless. Battery capacity and power efficiency in smartphones has already come a long way, but what about if you could charge them in no time at all? StoreDot wants that to be a reality.

StoreDot is a startup working on charging technology, and recently revealed tech that will supposedly be able to fully charge your phone’s battery in a single minute. So even if your phone barely lasts six hours on a single charge, you can get it up and running again without standing around for hours waiting.

Oddly the tech involved was discovered when researching into the use of nanotechnology to treat Alzheimer’s. Researchers discovered a certain peptide molecule with high capacitance, essentially meaning that it is able to absorb charge faster than others.

StoreDot has admitted that the tech involved with such fast charging means the battery itself has a lower capacity than some might hope, but it believes that the faster charging time will more than make up for that. I am inclined to agree, provided the battery lasts a decent amount of time. Minute charging or not, you can’t afford to keep plugging your phone in every half an hour.

Of course if StoreDot’s charging tech goes mainstream it’s no excuse for phone makers to not work on having more efficient phones and larger capacity batteries, especially since fast charging has been known to make batteries wear out a lot quicker than usual.

Tom Pritchard