Sony teases the Xperia Z4 tablet for MWC

After the leak from the other day, we all guessed that Sony has the Xperia Z4 tablet all lined up for MWC. Since the cat is already out of the bag, Sony has gone ahead and teased the device with a picture on its Google+ account.

It’s fairly obvious that the picture in question is showing off a tablet rather than a new flagship phone. For starters we already know that the tablet is coming, and nobody in the history of the planet has ever held their phone that way. There’s also the obvious fact that the dimensions are clearly tablet sized.

We still haven’t seen anything about the Xperia Z4 smartphone yet, though I imagine a lot of Z3 owners (myself included) are going to be incredibly annoyed if Sony announces a new flagship without releasing the Z3′ long-awaited update to Android Lollipop. Hopefully if we get some details on one, we’ll also get some details on the other.

MWC is only a couple of days away, and it’s guaranteed that Sony will be revealing its plans to the world. Expect to hear plenty about the Z4 tablet and any other Sony devices that’ll be heading our way in the next few months.

Tom Pritchard