From a clutch bag to a light bulb: 5 unusual ways to listen to music


2) HomeScapes Duck Feather Music Pillow

As someone who can’t fall asleep without listening to a podcast, I was so excited by the prospect of a pillow that acts as a speaker, as I assumed it meant that, if I had someone else in my bed, they wouldn’t be disrupted by the musings of Scott Mills and Chris Stark. Plus, it would also mean that I wouldn’t have to get up from my bed every time I woke up throughout the night to switch on a podcast again from my laptop again.

In a cruel twist of events, it turns out that I’m allergic to duck feathers, and waking up with a clogged up throat every morning, even after taking an antihistamine, while using the pillow wasn’t fun. Aside from my personal allergies, however, the pillow was SO comfortable, and the speaker did the job, although sometimes it was louder when I didn’t have my head on the pillow, rather than when I did, which was really strange.

Once I worked out where in the pillow the speaker actually was, I managed to angle it in a way that I could hear it clearly when I was lying down, and that it wasn’t as loud for my friend next to me, which meant that the pillow was serving its purpose perfectly for me, although giving me allergies in the process.

Audio rating: 5/10

Necessity or Novelty? For people like me, who can’t sleep without music or a podcast – necessity.

The duck feather speaker pillow is available to buy from HomeScapes for £9.99.

Hayley Minn