12 bright iPhone 6 cases for spring

Back in September, when the iPhone 6 first came out, we found you our favourite cases to protect it from life, and make it look even prettier than it already does.

Now, four months later, and with millions of people around the world owning Apple’s flagship phone, there are obviously tons of new cases coming out constantly, and, with spring on its way, you’re going to want something to brighten up your phone, especially if you’re bored of your current case.

We’ve found you 12 of the brightest iPhone 6 cases to get you ready for the spring months, and make you the envy of all your friends.


1) ‘Face Strawberry’ Case

Designed by Mark Ashkenazi, we love the pop art feel of this case. The design will definitely make your iPhone 6 stand out while on the train into work, even if it is a bit of a sexual case.

The ‘Face Strawberry’ case is available to buy from Caseable for £19.90.


2) Kenzo Leopard Orange Hard Case

Kenzo is known for its stylish clothes, and the French fashion house has now branched into iPhone 6 cases. We love this bright orange leopard print one. Who says animal print has to look cheap and tacky?

This Kenzo case is available to buy from Case Hut for £25.



3) Versicolour Case

We can’t stop staring at this trippy case. If you want your iPhone 6 to have as much colour as possible, this is the case for you.

The Versicolour case is available to buy from Casetify for $39.95 (£26.52).



4) Ted Baker PLIMA Road to Nowhere Case 

Ted Baker is famous for its gorgeous prints, and the fashion house’s AW14 range of cases is no different. This Road To Nowhere design is our favourite, with its pink hazy style.

This Ted Baker case is available to buy from Proporta for £24.95.

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Hayley Minn

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