Top 10 cycling gadgets: See.Sense, Lock8, Firefly and more

Ever since the Olympics, more and more women in the UK are getting on their bikes, with Sport England reporting a 200,000 increase in regular cyclists and this year’s Tour de France kicking off in Yorkshire only adding to our enthusiasm for literally jumping on the saddle. But whether you see yourself as the next Victoria Pendleton or simply like biking to work, you probably want to stay safe, keep track of your fitness progress, and of course, have constant access to your phone. Here are a few gadgets and gizmos to increase your pedal power.

Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer

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No one wants to think about winter weather, and not everyone has £949.99 to spare. But if you are feeling flush and will still want to be able to do some serious training even as snowdrifts are piling up outside, the KICKR Power Trainer should be all you need. (Team Sky use it, and they seem to have done pretty well...) Take off the back wheel of your bike and attach this instead and it will measure your output and link to your phone or computer so you can track your progress. You can also use your favourite app to wirelessly set and alter the resistance level, to give you a hardcore workout.

It’s available from Wiggle for that aforementioned sum.

Diane Shipley

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