Wanna beat Andy Murray? 10 gadgets and apps to improve your tennis game

With Wimbledon starting today, it’s that time of year again: when British people kid ourselves that we’re going to be the next Heather Watson or Andy Murray, start batting some balls around at the local park, and then realise that tennis is a lot harder than it looks on TV. But if you’re a serious player, or you want some incentive to keep up with your new favourite hobby, here are some gadgets, apps, and accessories that we think are ace. (Sorry.)

Babolat Cosmic string dampener

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A racket dampener or shock absorber reduces the vibration of the strings (and up the arm) and turns the sound the ball makes when it's struck from a "ping" to a more satisfying "thwack". They're all pretty similar, so which one you choose depends more on the style than the brand, but Babolat is a respected name in tennis and this one features a subtle alien design and comes in a packet featuring Rafael Nadal. What more could you want?

£4.95 for two from Racquet Depot.

Diane Shipley

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