Our top 10 coffee makers and machines for a stylish caffeine hit

Ah, coffee. Bringer of energy, enthusiasm, productivity… And, yes, a shaky, tear-filled meltdown mid-afternoon if you have too much. But that’s all the more reason to make your morning cup of caffeinated nectar one to savour. With all the coffee makers and machines on offer, there’s sure to be something that fits your taste and budget. Here are some of our new favourites to encourage you to take the plunge(r). 

Impress coffee brewer

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Of course, sometimes the best things are the simplest. The Impress is like a cafetière, but better. Instead of the mesh that normal french presses have, it comes with a metal filter and double silicone gasket. The holes in the filter have been designed to be slightly smaller than the lipid drops found in coffee, making sure no coffee grounds sneak into your drink and make it bitter. It couldn’t be easier to use: add freshly ground coffee to the outer cup, pour in water, leave for 3 minutes, and then press down the inner cup. Not only does it work as a coffee maker but because it’s insulated and durable it can be used as a travel mug, too.

It's £32.99 from The Fowndry.

Diane Shipley


  • Using modern or latest coffee machine may sometimes give us headache in the operation and maintenance. Sometimes also the tastes are affected that’s why some coffee shops are using the traditional way or the old coffee machine to avoid problem in the operation and maintain customer to keep on coming back.

  • “Stylish” is just shorthand for “looks count for more than how well it works”. I’ve been able to test most of these machines over the past few years, and other than as a kitchen design centerpiece they will all end up in landfills in two years.

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