We're officially desperate to turn our stairs into a slide

Are you bored of using the stairs, and fancy a more fun way of getting from one floor to the next in your house? Then you need to do the right thing and pledge your support for the SlideRider.

The SlideRider is a fold-up, portable device which can convert any straight staircase into a slide. Yes, you heard that right.

The slide has safety rails built in, and a cushioned pad at the bottom so that kids – or you, because you’re definitely going to use it, let’s be honest – aren’t injured at the bottom. It then folds up neatly into a red box, for storage.

Designed by Trisha Cleveland, the SlideRider has won support from Quirky, but is now looking for more support and a good deal from a manufacturer to put the slide into production, and bring out the inner child in everyone of us.

Hayley Minn