APP OF THE DAY: DoneNotDone is a to-do list for movies, TV shows & books


If you often think there are just so many cult TV shows you really should be watching to get you up to speed with your mates, cool, indie films you should see to make you more intelligent and books to read that’ll really get you thinking, then you’re not alone. If only we had enough time to consume all of the media we want to consume then we’d all be so much more knowledgeable, enlightened and generally more awesome, right?

Well DoneNotDone is here to make everything a little bit easier. It’s essentially a to-do list for media consumption, which allows you to enter things you’ve been meaning to watch and read and create a backlog as well as keep a record of what you’ve been consuming with your little peepers recently too.

You simply type in something and then tag it “done” or “not done” before rating it and adding in any notes too. It’s all really intuitive to use and the simple tabs make it easy to quickly add in content or find new ideas.

The great thing about DoneNotDone is that you can hook it up to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, find people also using the app and get lots of interesting suggestions from them.

For those who are dead against sharing everything they’re up to and get really secretive about their tastes, you’ll hate it. For those who are into social media and like discovering new things through their networks, then it’s a real gem, we’re just not sure how long we’ll keep using it when we already have the Notes in our phone and ready made networks to ask for suggestions…

DoneNotDone is available from iTunes for free or you can access the web version too.

Becca Caddy