Karotz robot rabbit is your new personal assistant


Although robots are now more advanced than ever, the thought of having one in your home still feels a bit strange (we blame I, Robot).

However, this quirky little white rabbit called Karotz aims to be your very own little robotic personal assistant. But remember, this is less of a tidy up that mess, make me a meal and do my homework robot and more of a play me a nice song and tell me how many unread emails I have robot.

Karotz can do a range of things, like surf the internet to answer a question, select and read emails, play you music, keep guard over your home (with a camera not a weapon), wake you up with your favourite radio station, read blogs out loud and even provide kids with a range of games and educational activities.

It has built-in voice recognition software, so you can speak to it directly, or control it using your smart phone (it has a special controller app for that) or your PC.

There are also a few other cool additions too, like different coloured ears and accessories for the little guys and the chance to interact with the wider Karotz community at www.karotz.com.

We’re not really convinced that you’ll use it everyday, it certainly won’t transform the way you live and many of the things it can do in many ways just seem to promote laziness. However, we can see it becoming a bit of a cult product, a little like a much more clever and independent tamagotchi.

Available from Karotz for $129.99.

Becca Caddy