REVIEW: Ministry of Sound Headphones MOS004


We had a quick try-out with the Ministry of Sound Headphones – the MOS004s – selling for £19.99 on the Ministry website. They boast:

“Stereo headphones with single sided cable, soft-touch and detailed logo. These distinctive headphones pack a punch with 40mm drivers that deliver the purest sounds. High grade leatherette pads give complete comfort with adjustable cans to wear however suits you.”

They sure do have the Ministry of Sound logo on them. So if you’re into the brand then this is a nice way to wear it. Fun colourful and available in 5 different colour combinations we like the electric colours on the wires.

Good, easy to adjust, the cups are small but soft
The wire is thick, doesn’t tangle and is long and stretchy enough to let you wander around.

I’m afraid this is where the price becomes apparent. The sound is quite flat and gets quite muddled at low volumes and tinny at high ones. Though they will go super loud. But then sound nerds would probably go for Sennheisers or JBL headphones- things kicking around the £40 price bracket minimum.

Fun, comfy and good value for £19.99. Not one for the sound buffs though.

Ministry of Sound Headphones MOS004 are £19.99 on TheMinistryofSound

Anna Leach


  • It contains a microphone, and when you push the PTH button, it cuts off the music and lets you listen to the outside world through the mic. When you’re done, release the button and the music comes back. Pretty handy.

  • I have fallen in love with these headphones. I hope these are not expensive.

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