Young people: if you've finished rioting, V inspired makes volunteering easier


What with it being the Season of Good Will and all, it might be time to give something back to the community and now there’s an app that will help you do that.

Distinguishing itself from most apps in the iTunes store by actually trying to help society, instead of just making fart noises or distorting pictures, V Inspired links people up to volunteering opportunities near them.

It’s a useful search engine for volunteering opportunities

This app is aimed at 18-25 year olds – aka Generation Y – the kids who currently don’t have any jobs, will have to pay for university and seem to spend most of their time running around rioting at the minute.

If they have spare time in between flashmobbing TopShop, then there are some interesting opportunities on here.


Anna Leach


  • Helping our youth and adults indulge themselves in community services and other volunteer activities is a worthwhile job. I am glad V Inspired is trying to develop applications like these because it will promote unity and develop good traits in the next generation. May we help those who are in need by doing voluntary works.

    Steve Barbarich

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