The front cover of Richard Branson's iPad Mag is a video – we still don't get it

The front cover of Richard Branson’s new iPad magazine – called “Project” – will be a video. The video above in fact.

Matt from Project magazine emailled us a link to it and to the iPad magazine’s blog. He told me “Project is what we like to think of as a ‘living magazine’ – evolving and updating throughout the month […] The idea is that Project will be something that readers treat as a daily destination, offering breaking news, reader polls and blogs.”

It’s a nice video sure, but for goodness sake – if you’re going to have a video as a front cover and a blog and update something on a daily basis why the hell is this an iPad magazine and not a website on the, you know, web.

What they call a “living magazine” with this crazy “regular updates” thing has been commonly referred to as a website for the past 15 years.

And it’s all very well having the former editor of but don’t they know you aren’t allowed any nipples on iPad? It’s true – see our story: Apple’s no-nipples policy means fashion mags are censoring their iPad editions. Another area where it’s difficult to compete with the genuine internet.

In related news, Rupert Murdoch’s iPad magazine – also launching soon – will be called The Daily. He is spending a rumoured $30million on the project..

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Anna Leach