Is that Ninja in your sink? no, it's a toothbrush sanitizer

754 ninja.jpg

A toothbrush sanitiser that looks like a ninja? Yes, we’re on our knees begging for more.

Okay, after the initial rush of pleasure at something that combines two of our favourite things (er, actually make that one of our favourite things, we’re still not totally convinced by toothbrush santisation) we thought we should drill down into the facts a bit harder. The idea behind toothbrush sanitisation is that the fewer germs on your toothbrush the better. To that end this ninja uses a technique they use in hospitals: radiating UV light to kill germs.

It’s not an instant thing, your brush has to sit in the Ninja for 6-7 minutes until it has reached the required level of cleanliness. Then after it has been bathed in germicidal UV light, it’s ready and should have 99.7% of its germs removed.

It’s pretty fun and we are a fan of the karate chop insert toothbrush action, but as you might have realised if you use a toothbrush regularly, unsanitised toothbrushes aren’t life-threatening. Change your toothbrush every so often and you should be fine.

One for the real gadget fans, cleanliness freaks, or people who live with housemates who borrow their toothbrush. Could also be good for travellers.

£24.95 from CuteBitz.

Anna Leach


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