App Review: Glee the Karoke-tastic iPhone app

632  glee.jpg

This app is a great mix of iPhone karoke and the popular geek-tastic TV show. Glee the iPhone app records you singing along to the upbeat classic pop hits from the show then lets you listen to all the other funny Gleeks out there also singing into their iPhones. Geeky, sweet and fun.

For those who know about such things I’d say it’s a mix of SingStar the sing-a-long game and the Ocarina app, previous hit from app-makers Smule.

– Being encouraged to sing into my iPhone.
– Four great feel good tunes.
– The social aspect, listening to other people singing the Glee hits is a sneaky pleasure, they’re so funny, and make you feel in a community of other fun-loving musical geeks.
– The Glee Globe is great: this is how everyone’s else’s singing is displayed. Visualising music as light beams rising off a spinable globe takes us right back to Smule’s lovely Ocarina app and is so much fun to play with.

– The interface options: I find them a little confusing, seems Smule have thought a little more about the graphics (nice) than the navigation (more complicated than necessary).
– Being made to buy extra songs.. only four songs come with the £1.79 app, the others are £0.59.

So damn feel-good I can only imagine this will be pretty popular. Pity about the limited songs though. It’s an imaginative take on the app-of-the-TV-show genre: true to the show but also a really fun little game in itself.


Anna Leach