Charlie Brooker on embarrassing things that can happen with iPhones #1

Charlie Brooker was presenting the award for the Best Game at the Video Game Baftas last night.

We nabbed him at the end, got a cheesy picture and a few minutes of breathless conversation in which he told us one of those embarassing tech stories:

“You know when someone asks to take a picture on their iPhone but you hit the “picture” button by accident, suddenly end in their picture gallery and there’s lots of pictures you shouldn’t be seeing? That happened to me the other day. And they were pretty hardcore and you’re frantically pushing buttons trying to get out..”

[Whose iPhone was it? ah wish we knew…]

There’s us all down there. Yes me and Gerald are blocking out the actually famous people who are genuinely struggling to be seen, that was just how it happened. In retrospect, we’d do it differently.

461 bafta US AND FAMOUS PEOPLE.jpg

Anna Leach