Maltmatcher: app and site that helps you choose malt whiskys

400 1.jpgConsidering buying that certain someone (your dad) a choice malt whiskey for Christmas? Baffled by labels with information about maltsters, peat reek and weird bits of Gaelic..? by sentences beginning: “a marriage of Ardbeg from bourbon barrel and sherry butt”?

Well once again, there is app/website for this sort of thing. From drinks manufacture Diageo comes and the MaltMatcher app on the iTunes store.

You could call it a decision engine for whisky buyers. Help comes on three levels: if you know what whisky they already drink, it recommends similar tasting ones. If you know the region from which they enjoy their Whiskies – for example, Speyside Whiskies are generally sweet and fruity in character – The Malt Matcher can help you find those similar Whiskies.

If you know the types of food they like, you can use the Malt Matcher to identify those Single Malt Whiskies whose unique flavours best match that particular food.

For example people who like Fish and Chips may appreciate a ten year old Talisker with its hints of sea salt and a warming, peppery finish.

Check out this whisky flavour map:

401 flavour_map_GB.jpg

Anna Leach