EasyMix – a Mixing Table DJ app for idiots

Fancy your talents as DJ? You don’t need enormous expensive mixing gear to get started. Just an iPhone app – the answer to most of life’s problems.

Well we won’t promise that this app will land you behind the decks in Ibiza but EasyMix from Buzzyteam lets you mix samples in five styles and it really is easy: even someone utterly clueless about this sort of thing can make stuff which sounds relatively good.

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As they say: “you don’t have to care about timing, rhythm or synchronisation: EasyMix does that for you.”

Great! A lack of timing, rhythm and synchronisation have been the only things holding back my DJing career. At my next party I can force my friends to stand around my iPhone speakers listening to my mixing app at my next party.

Genuinely, this app makes good sounds by itself and is very intuitive to operate.

To those more technically minded than me: the application is a mixer table with loops and samples pre-provided by a company called LoopMasters, a “sample boutique”. EasyMix claim that using “high-grade professional loops” sets them apart from other mixer apps which rely on short extracts.

The app comes on a two tier freemium model: there’s a free EasyMix and a paid-for one, costing £1.79.

On the pro version, you can mix sounds in five styles: Techno, Progressive House, Disco, Breaks and Trance – or beepy, brraap brap, the jumpy one and the others, as I call them.

You can put each set of loops through 5 track mixers with 4 samples for each track, which makes 3125 possible combinations of sounds per style.

Quite fun, if you’re remotely into dance music.

EasyMix Free and EasyMix £1.79 on iTunes

Anna Leach


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