Toshiba's ZV TV brings you closer to full HD


There’s no point splashing out on a HDTV if the majority of your favourite programs are still broadcast in standard definition (standard definition – pah!). Toshiba has the answer – “Buy another TV”. The upscaling ZV to be a bit more specific. As an upscaling TV, the ZV uses a “powerful cell processor algorithm” to transform standard definition into something a little closer to full HD. It also seeks to improve depth and texture and works hard to give you a much sharper picture, which won’t result in full HD, but is miles better than bog standard definition.

The ZV packs the kind of specs you’d expect from a high class TV such as 10-bit colour processing, a contrast ratio of 30,000:1, stereo speakers and 128 percent colour reproduction. In terms of connectivity you’re looking at 3 HDMI ports, component video, scart, PC input and S video. It’s also kind to the environment with its full power-down button.

It’ll be available as of the 1st December in 42 and 46-inch models, costing £900 and £1,200 respectively. If it’s quality improvements you’re seeking, the ZV sounds worth checking out.

[via Tech Digest]

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Lucy Hedges