iStik iPod nano case: feel cool even if you don't look it

istik-nano-yoga.jpgI’m going to go out on a limb here and state unequivocally that everyone loves magnets. Advancing technology may make us less than impressed with yesterday’s gadgets, but magnets continue to enthral us with their apparent use of voodoo (or “science, if you must), something that these iStik iPod cases capitalise on to great effect. What would surely have been an iPod case fit only for the very nerdiest of nerdlingers had it incorporated – say – poppers, is suddenly rendered attractive to me thanks to the admirable application of magnets, which you use to attach the iPod to your clothes, freeing up your limbs for a spot of beach-based yogic activity.

$25-$27 from Amazon [via Popgadget]