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It's hard to keep up with the latest music videos, the must-see trailers of the day, the cat video your mate really wants you to watch and the latest viral ad that has everyone on Twitter up in arms. Well luckily for you is here and it wants to be your go-to for every cool viral video that's trending online.

The LA-based company has created both a website and an app for, which presents you with a main video at the top and a channel guide beneath, similar to the likes of Sky and Virgin. You can browse the channels that range from Top Viral Videos to more niche demands over at Cats 24/7 (yep, that's right cats twenty four seven) and World of Minecraft.

I just tried out on the web for myself and although I was greeted by some terrible new cheesy pop track, as soon as I clicked on the Trending Now channel, the Hot Online programme showed me a bunch of Honest Movie Trailers and I was very happy girl.

Unfortunately, the app isn't available outside of the US, so UK users will need to visit to get their daily fix of jumping cats and gross extreme sports disasters.

This is absolutely superb. Who ever put this together is an evil viral genius of the highest order.

I'd love to see someone try this with a cat - now there's a challenge!

Just wait until the napkin moment!

Sky_Believe_in_better_logo.jpgApple's iTunes Store, Netflix, Amazon and Tesco's Blinkbox will soon have a new rival. According to reports today Sky is planning to launch a new service that will enable customers to download and keep movie titles from its Sky Store.

Up until now they have only been able to download them and keep them for a few days at a time.

Speaking at the Guardian's Changing Media Summit in London this week, Sky's Chief Financial Officer Andrew Griffith said "Having made a strong start in rentals, we think we can go one step further and actually start offering customers the opportunity to purchase movies from us and keep them forever."

There's no details yet of the whys and wherefores but Sky with its huge subscriber base, is certainly going to be a major player in the movie download market.

youview-big.jpgEveryday there are so many new videos that "OMG YOU'VE JUST GOT TO SEE!!!", to the point that it can be hard to keep up with them as well as eat, do work, function like a human, etc.

Well a new update to the ShowYou video app means you'll be able to keep abreast of the latest videos without having to hunt them down and watch them throughout the day.

The iPad app collects together all of the top videos that are being shared across your social networks and serves them up to you like your own personal TV channel (but with many more cats, obviously) that starts playing as soon as you open it up.

With online video consumption sky-rocketing at the moment, any way to sort through the noise will undoubtedly prove to be popular - even if it means you have to unfriend some annoying baby video spammers.

ShowYou is available from iTunes.

cinema-image-left.jpgTweets and Vines can sure be entertaining. But are they entertaining enough to be plastered all over cinemas before big budget movies begin? Although we're not too sure, Twitter certainly feels its content is worthy of the silver screen.

This week the micro-blogging platform confirmed a deal with in-cinema ad firm National CineMedia (also NCM) to develop a one minute long feature each week focusing on trending movie and entertainment-related content.

Variety reports that the tweet-filled segments will begin in summer of this year and the audience will be encouraged to get their smartphones out and interact even more - possibly nabbing their content a spot the week after.

The big question mark now is how this Vine and Twitter content will be used to keep audiences engaged and which brands will be willing to sponsor it.

Image via

Dailymotion-app.jpgHere's an interesting move. Dailymotion, which as you may or may not know is the second most popular online video portal after YouTube, has released an iOS app that let's the user shoot, edit and upload HD video.

The idea is that if you use the app it will optimse your videos so they look great on the platform To this end the app features a range of tools from filters, brightness and contrast controls and basic editing facilities such as the ability to splice films together. In fact the app will even take let users take footage from several cameras to combine footage from multiple angles, adjust clip length, trim footage and manage multiple video clips into one final product

The footage is then uploaded to Dailymotion with the option of the user sharing their new content on Facebook, Twitter etc

Cedric Tournay, CEO of Dailymotion, said: "UGC is an important part of our video library, but many of our 115 million users have not had the skills or tools to document their worlds - preferring to view content than create it. We want to encourage this to change by providing a free, simple tool for any user - UGC and professional - them to easily produce and upload top quality video content. That is why our IT and Mobile Team have developed "Dailymotion Caméra" - to help every budding filmmaker easily shoot, edit and upload high quality HD film using iOS. It is the first tool we have developed to aid video capture and refinement and will be added to the viewing apps we already offer for all smart phone and tablet platforms. It doesn't matter how much of an absolute beginner you are, the "Dailymotion Caméra" will make it easy for you to learn, improve and share your videos."

It is available for free from here.

In case you haven't heard the news Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has launched a video recording app that is set to take on the Twitter owned Vine. Yes Vine remember that? The six second video app? In case you've forgotten here is a classic Vine to jog your memory.

However it looks like Instagram has monitored Vine very carefully and learned some key lessons, and its offering is way superior.

In terms of ease of use there isn't a huge amount to chose between them, but in other key areas Instagram massively scores over its rival.

1 You get longer to shoot - With Vine you have to cram the video into six seconds, Instagram gives you fifteen. I have always thought that six was too short, 15 feels about right.

2 Instagram is better in low light conditions - Vine frankly is very poor when the lights are low. At least with Instagram it adjusts focus and exposure to optimise the picture no matter where you are shooting it.

3 Instagram has those famous filters - Yep you get 13 of the filters that you know and love which you can use to add a little retro quality to your video.

4 It also has a post shooting image stabilisation option to reduce the camera shake on your vid.

5 Instagram is available for Android users from day one - With Vine it felt like a bit of an afterthought

It isn't just us who prefers the newbie

"Vine is like fast food, while Instagram video is more like eating in a nicer restaurant," said Ovum analyst Jan Dawson.

However I am sure it won't be long before Vine has more advanced features to rival Instagram. But by then will it be too late?

There really isn't a great deal to say about this video- just watch it. How he manages to crash four times in around a minute is astonishing.

And then the grand finale in the pit - and judging by the time it takes the water to splash it looks pretty deep.

Spotter tip.

TV series that premier online looks like they are going to become a real trend this year. For in the wake of the Netflix House Of Cards exclusive the BBC has just announced that that a new sitcom from Peter Kay called Car Share will premiere on BBC iPlayer.

You will be able to see it online before it makes its way to BBC One. This makes it the first first-ever series to premiere on BBC iPlayer in its entirety before a linear transmission.

The series, which has been created by Tim Reid and Paul Coleman, Car Share is directed by and stars Peter and Sian Gibson, who play John and Kayleigh who have been thrown together in a company car share scheme, as they journey to their respective jobs at a major out-of-town supermarket.

Just like Kay's classic C4 Phoenix Nights series Car Share is set and will be filmed in the north-west.

Peter Kay says about the series: "To be finally working with the BBC on a new comedy is a great opportunity. And the idea of two people car sharing to work each day really appealed to me, as it highlights the comedy in the minutiae of the daily trek and allows the spiralling conversations of life to unwind in all of their glory."

Via ShinyShiny

This week's top videos include a very animated Twilight fan, a Casette Boy mash-up of Boris Johnson and celebrities reading out mean tweets about themselves. Enjoy.


2. Boris Johnson's Olympic welcome

3. Celebrities read mean tweets


New video platform Mixin has launched today, with more than 20,000 users already under its belt and a unique offering that allows you to merge videos, comments and memes all in one place.

Popular video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo have become more and more advanced over the years, but it's safe to say that comments often feel a little detached from the video content, as they sit at the bottom of the page in a long list. This is the problem Mixin aims to solve. The Cailfornia-based company has been set up to allow users to add personal comments and images to online videos, which they can then share to their social networks.

Have a quick browse of the videos on Mixin's home page and you'll see how the comments work. They appear in a list at the side of each video, but they're assigned to a specific time so pop up when you reach that point, a little like Soundcloud, but more distracting.

The social element is key to Mixin, it's not just about scrawling comments on videos, but sharing them directly to Facebook. This way you can see the videos that have just been created by your friends or look at those from the wider community if you want to. This makes much more sense, as comments popping up from people you don't really know can be a little irritating, but if you have shared connections and mutual interests it'll presumably be a much more valuable experience. Probably.

According to Venture Beat, Mixin has been gathering users quietly and will be opening to the wider public and unveiling its white label offering to other sites today. The first external sites to start using Mixin's technology include AnyClip and Viumbe, who will be integrating the system into their own video players.

Jon Goldman, the Chief Executive at Mixin, said:

"Most online video is all about searching and algorithms with some minor social features tacked on.

"Mixin's technology starts with social interaction as the foundation so that videos serve as a way to connect friends and increase sharing. The customization, commenting and posting to Facebook allows users to add their personal stamp and humor to the videos they love.

"Now we are able to add this functionality to partners which means any content owner looking to add to video engagement and sharing can use our 'next generation' commenting as a solution."

We can see how merging comments with video content makes watching all kinds of clips into a much more social and arguably enjoyable experience. However, we'd rather just see the things our friends have written, as watching a video with the angry, offensive comments we're so used to seeing on YouTube wouldn't be a pleasant experience AT ALL.

[Via Venture Beat]

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