Huawei announces the 4.5G Smartband

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At the moment wearables haven't really grown up and become independent from smartphones, since they still rely on them for a large number of their useful functions. Even 3G-enabled devices like the Samsung Gear S aren't truly independent from their smartphone cousins. Huawei's Smartband has no such limitation. The Smartband also happens to run on Huawei's recently…

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Researchers are making smart trousers for disabled and older people.

Engineers are making smart trousers for disabled people

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A team from the University of Bristol is launching a new project to develop smart trousers that could help people to walk. (Reports that they were inspired by Wallace and Gromit are as yet unconfirmed.) It’s being led by Dr Jonathan Rossiter from the department of engineering mathematics at the university. As The Guardian reports,…

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Google Glass 2 may already be in the hands of developers

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The original version of Google Glass is hardly what you'd call a success, and since Google shut down the Explorer Programme we've been hearing bits and pieces about the future of the device. The development cycle could be further along than we realised, because apparently a prototype is already in the hands of developers. According to 9to5Google,…

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Some sort of Pebble announcement is happening on 24th Feburary

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A few weeks ago, Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky announced a renewed commitment to the world of smartwatches along with a brand new Pebble software platform. We weren't given any sort of time-frame for said platform, but something Pebble related is happening next Tuesday and that could be the focus Yesterday morning the official Pebble website was taken over…

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Our top 3 budget smart watches for under £120: Cogito Pop, Withings, Pebble

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The biggest tech brands on the planet may all be competing to design the best smartwatch, the smartwatch to rule them all. But with the new Apple Watch rumoured to set us back well over £220, I've collected together five of my favourite smart watches with much more wallet-friendly price tags. Granted many are not nearly…

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Jawbone Up3 release date delayed amidst financial rumours

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When Jawbone lifted the lid on its next generation fitness tracker back in November 2014, the Jawbone Up 3, many wearable fans were excited that the new device could well be one of the most advanced - not to mention good-looking - gadgets we've seen to date. Fast-forward to February 2015 and it looks like the wearable tech pioneers…

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The Apple Watch was originally a lot more health oriented

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Across the world right now are countless people eagerly awaiting April and the launch of the Apple Watch, even if it's features aren't that different from other smartwatches on the market. It wasn't always that way, though, and it sounds like Apple's earlier ideas were a lot more focussed on user health. According to The Wall Street…

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LG announces the LG Watch Urbane, a luxury all-metal smartwatch

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The smartwatch hasn't really found its place in the world just yet, but the watches already released certainly aren't the classiest things in the world. Some companies don't like that idea, and LG appears to be one of them -- hence why it's announced the luxurious Android Wear-powered LG Watch Urbane. The Urbane is an all-metal…

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Fitbit: Wearing your tracker for too long may cause a rash

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Last year Fitbit recalled its Force fitness tracker after complaints that it was giving some users a rash. The Fitbit Charge and Surge were both recently released as a replacement of sorts, and once again users started complaining about developing a rash. Despite having denied any wrongdoing before, Fibit has admitted rashes might happen. According…

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