Why the Fitbit Flex is our Must-Have Fitness Partner of the Year #ShinyShinyAwards

Staff Writer Health & Fitness, ShinyShiny Awards 2014 1 Comment

Our Must-Have Fitness Partner of the Year nominees all helped the ShinyShiny team get moving - and most importantly, keep moving - throughout 2014. Our shortlist was packed with our favourite fitness trackers and apps, ranging from the cheap and simple Fitbug Org right through to the heart rate monitoring Withings Pulse Ox. The winner our…

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The Moov wins the Wearables to Watch award #ShinyShinyAwards

Staff Writer Health & Fitness, ShinyShiny Awards 2014 1 Comment

A year ago wearable tech amounted to some lame-looking, bright wristbands and the exceptionally geeky hype around Google Glass. Twelve months on and the world of wearables is exciting, much better-looking and seems to have a great deal more sticking power than any of us ever expected. Next year we predict the Apple Watch will…

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Magnet smart jewellery lets you literally keep in touch

Diane Shipley Gadgets & Apps Leave a Comment

Wearables can do all kinds of things, from monitoring your dog’s health to diagnosing diseases. But Magnet smart jewellery offers something a bit different: the chance to literally keep in touch with someone you love. Only sold in pairs, it’s designed for two people to use. It can be worn on an attached bracelet, added…

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PayPal Pebble

Pebble and PayPal team up for watch-powered payments

Holly Brockwell Gadgets & Apps, Shopping, Smart watches, Wearables Leave a Comment

It's pretty clear that the physical wallet's days are numbered, and Pebble and PayPal have just teamed up to put another nail in its coffin with the launch of PayPal for Pebble. Pebble owners can now get the PayPal app on their smartwatch, which allows them to search for businesses nearby that accept PayPal as a payment…

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Meet Drivebot, the new wearable for your car

Diane Shipley Gadgets & Apps Leave a Comment

You might think that wearables are just for people and animals but there’s no reason not to let your car get in on the action, too. As PSFK points out, a new device called Drivebot is designed to be ‘Fitbit for your car’, keeping track of its wellbeing and alerting you to any problems before…

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Google’s new pill will search your body for cancer

Diane Shipley Health & Fitness Leave a Comment

In case you weren’t sure how serious Google were about world domination search, now they want to take their algorithms inside your body, too. Don’t worry, though: they come in peace. In fact, they only want to help you feel better and continue to use Google products live longer. Today, Google’s experimental division Google X…

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A new motion controlled app could make it even easier to use our phones

Diane Shipley Gadgets & Apps Leave a Comment

A team of computer scientists from ETH Zurich has created a motion controlled app that finally makes it possible to operate a smartphone using gestures. (Just not the kind of gestures you might make when it's run out of charge for the third time today...) The controls include pointing, spreading the fingers, pinching, and everyone’s…

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This new wearable harvests electricity while you walk

Diane Shipley Gadgets & Apps Leave a Comment

Mexican scientists have developed a new wearable that fits inside a shoe and can convert energy from walking (or running, I guess, if you’re into that kind of thing) and turn it into electricity. The device, which is around three millimetres thick, is similar to an insole and designed to store mechanical-vibrational energy created by…

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Unlike the iPhone 6 Plus, the Portal smartphone is supposed to bend

Tom Pritchard Gadgets & Apps Leave a Comment

As anyone who's ever dropped a phone will attest to, smartphones are incredible fragile creatures. Gone are the days where you could throw a Nokia phone around like a rag-doll to find that it doesn't have a scratch on it. It's not quite the same, but the Portal smartphone isn't going to shatter when you…

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A new wearable senses skin temperature to monitor heart health

Diane Shipley Health & Fitness Leave a Comment

We just shared ten ways medical wearables are changing medicine for the better, and now here's another innovative example. It’s a small (around 5cm square) ultra-thin patch that sits on the skin and is usually worn on the wrist. It was developed by scientists at Northwestern University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Each…

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Ten of the most exciting, innovative, and purr-fect wearables for pets #WearablesWeek

Diane Shipley Fun Stuff, Gadgets & Apps, Wearables Week 4 Comments

When we talk about wearables, we're usually talking about tech for humans, from VR headsets to fitness trackers to Google Glass. So it might have slipped your notice that the demand for pet wearables is big. Huge. In fact, it's estimated that the market will be worth $2.5 billion by 2025. Pet wearables can do…

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Ten wonderful ways wearables are changing medicine for the better #WearablesWeek

Diane Shipley Health & Fitness, Wearables Week 4 Comments

When you think about wearables and health, you might think of devices that measure how well you sleep or how fast you run. And they can be great: there's no doubt many people find them motivating and enjoy having more insight into their habits. But the health benefits of wearables go further than you might…

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Could making payments be the next big thing for wearables? #WearablesWeek

Chris Price Wearables Week Leave a Comment

With all the hype around how we are going to be using our mobile phones for making payments thanks to NFC (Near Field Communications) technology, it seems the obvious may have been slightly overlooked. Sure it may be marginally more convenient using our phones to make payments on the tube or in a shop than…

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Five reasons why wearables are still missing a trick #WearablesWeek

Tom Pritchard Buying Guides, Gadgets & Apps, Wearables Week Leave a Comment

Wearables have spiked in popularity recently, with what seems like every single company intending on entering the market with a smartwatch, a fitness tracker, or something similar. But are wearables the future? Not in my opinion just yet. It seems the tech giants and smaller start-ups all vying for the top wearables spot…

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5 Budget wearables and activity trackers for under £70 #WearablesWeek

Tom Pritchard Buying Guides, Health & Fitness, Wearables Week 25 Comments

There are many wearable gadgets on the market that track your activity levels and encourage you not to be a lazy couch potato. That being said, a lot of wearables can cost you an awful lot of money if you're not careful, which needn't be the case. If you're on a budget but…

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Safety wearables for women are great, but we need humanity switched on too #WearablesWeek

Lauren Bravo Gadgets & Apps, Wearables Week 4 Comments

Like many women, I walk home at night with my keys through my knuckles. I routinely end goodbyes to friends with the words, ‘text me to let me know you got home safe’. I constantly weigh up what’s better – keeping my phone in my hand so I can quickly call for help, or keeping…

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