Will Omate’s Lutetia be the ultimate wearable smartwatch for women?

Becca Caddy Gadgets & Apps, Style 1 Comment

It's a discussion we've had time and time again here at shinyshiny HQ: Are the recent wearable releases REALLY designed with women in mind? The square faces, huge chunky straps and dull designs would suggest no. Well, meet the Lutetia. Designed by women and for women, this shiny gadget aims to be the ultimate smartwatch…

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New Fitbit Charge and Charge HR images leaked (and they look AWESOME)

Becca Caddy Health & Fitness 3 Comments

The Fitbit team recalled its high-end Force wristband earlier this year (amidst claims that it caused a nasty rash on some people's arms), so it was only a matter of time before details of the brand's next new wearables were released. Take a look at the Fitbit Charge and the Charge HR above. Gizmodo exclusively got…

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Top 5 personal safety wearables: Cuff, Safelet, Guardian Angel #WearablesWeek

Laura Kidd Buying Guides, Gadgets & Apps, Style, Wearables Week 85 Comments

Personal safety just got wearable, and it’s about time. We rounded up some great apps for sending SOS alerts to friends and family recently, but activating them in times of crisis is a real stumbling block so it’s good to see some more practical options becoming available. There are conflicting opinions about whether…

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waterproof gadget montage

Waterproof gadgets put to the test: Misfit Shine, Braven speaker, Ricoh camera, Proporta Beachbuoy

Sadie Hale Gadgets & Apps 2 Comments

As we well know here at shinyshiny, there's a whole world of mind-blowing new gadgets out there, and we're sometimes lucky enough to try them out. After #swimmingweek over at Brandish, it seemed only fitting to test out some waterproof products here: whether it was in the depths of the local pool, splashing in the sea or a brief dip…

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Timex launches Ironman One GPS+ smartwatch for fitness lovers

Becca Caddy Health & Fitness Leave a Comment

Stand down tech giants, it looks like watch manufacturer Timex might also be vying for a slice of the wearable fitness pie with its latest gadget, the Ironman One GPS+. This rather serious-looking device is a smartwatch built for fitness and handily doesn't need a phone nearby for it to function properly. If you're a fan…

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Garmin Vivofit Review: A fitness tracker & retro-style watch that doesn’t need charging

Becca Caddy Health & Fitness 4 Comments

So what's a Garmin Vivofit? Well, Garmin began producing wristbands for serious runners with built-in GPS tracking years before this whole wearables trend really kicked off (take a look at the awesome Forerunner range here), but it's only in the past year the brand has turned its attention from die-hard fitness fans to more regular consumers…

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Let’s all swoon over HP’s new luxury smartwatch

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If you thought the Moto 360 was a work of wearable beauty, then check out this new smartwatch from a collaboration between HP and designer Michael Bastian. Pretty good-looking for a gadget, right? Fashionista reports that the smartwatch came about after HP approached online retailer Gilt about the possibility of creating a luxury timepiece with…

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wearabletech (1)

Rocket power skates and gum-shield wearables? Sign us up!

Craig Fox Rumours Leave a Comment

At a recent Wearables conference in San Francisco we were shown a glimpse into an array of new wearables coming in 2014 and beyond. We haven't heard much of the wearable scene hitting sport, but that's something i1 Biometrics want to change with the Vector Gum-shield. The gum-shield itself is aimed at Lacrosse, Ice-Hockey and American…

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FingerReader: the ring that scans words and reads them aloud for you

Sadie Hale Gadgets & Apps Leave a Comment

Scientists across the pond at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a prototype of a new wearable ring, but instead of keeping you safe or tracking your steps, it assists in reading out printed text. Aiming to help the visually impaired, the so called FingerReader can be used with books, magazines, restaurant menus and even…

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glance smart watch

Glance is a smart accessory for your own watch or jewellery

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So many big tech brands and smaller start-ups are busy dreaming up smartwatch-style devices that'll alert us about everything that's going on on our mobiles from our wrists. But Kiwi Wearables is turning that process on its head, by creating an accessory that'll provide us with the same experience, but will slot under our own…

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Misfit Shine Review: An activity tracker for the fashion-conscious

Becca Caddy Features, Health & Sport, Top Stories, Wearables Leave a Comment

So what's a Misfit Shine? Wearable gadgets built to track our daily activities, keep tabs on our workouts and monitor our sleep levels are becoming more and more popular. However, you only have to take a look at the most popular devices on the market from the likes of Fitbit and Withings to see they're…

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This insole could make you a much better athlete

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The OpenGo Science is a super-thin insole that slips unnoticed into the shoes of athletes, monitoring the way they use their feet and serving up rich data about how they workout. Developed by German-based Moticon, this smart insole is packed with sensors and can wirelessly transmit accurate readings about the temperature of the foot, as…

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Can we take Imogen Heap and her magical, musical Mi.Mu gloves seriously?

Becca Caddy Music, Wearables Leave a Comment

Back in 2012, musician Imogen Heap dressed up like something from Star Trek and showed a magical glove to the world at a number of different events hosted by TED and Wired, which allowed her to make music using gestures, movements and sci-fi costumes. Fast-forward to 2014 and the state-of-the-art wearable tech device, called the…

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Is Apple working on a super smart pedometer for its iWatch?

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New rumours about Apple's string of weird and wonderful patent applications surface at least once a week, but for those interested in iWatch news, or an entirely new wearable we haven't even heard about yet, then this one is bound to be exciting. According to news from Apple Insider, Apple is working on a new…

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Samsung working on S-Circle a low-end activity tracker

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Samsung may have only just unveiled its next round of Galaxy Gear smartwatches at MWC, as well as its Galaxy Fit tracking device, but it seems the tech giant is continuing on its wearable quest with the S-Circle. According to Engadget, the S-Circle is a yet-to-be-announced wearable band device that's this week cropped up at…

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MWC 2014: Sony SmartBand and Lifelog app will track all of your life

Becca Caddy Mobile World Congress 2014 Leave a Comment

Sony is on a roll at MWC this year, after unveiling its latest smartphone and tablet, the Japanese tech giant has also lifted the lid on a new wearable device - the SmartBand SWR10. The SmartBand teams up with Sony's upcoming Lifelog app, as well as any phone via Bluetooth or NFC and just like…

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