Phones used in Seinfeld, Saved by the Bell, Friends and The Office

8 Retro sitcom storylines that couldn’t happen today: Seinfeld, Saved by the Bell, Friends

Lauren Bravo Fun

Another week, another reason to feel ancient. Just as we’d got over the fact Monica and Chandler are now old enough to go on Saga cruises and that it’s been a whole decade since Lindsay Lohan fell head-first into that bin, a new pop culture milestone arrives to plunge us all into a feedback loop…

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CloudTalk: Multi-Media group chat app is bringing voice messenging back

Anna Leach Trending

CloudTalk messenger is a multimedia group chat room that lets you use your voice to talk to people without actually having to pin them down in a phone call. It's voice messaging for people who don't like phone calls, and it has collected impressive amounts in venture funding - $5.2 million. "Cloudtalk fills the gap…

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