Dear Uber: rescue kittens aren’t toys, and they won’t save your reputation #UberKITTENS

Holly Brockwell Apps, Premium, Tech, Trending

Uber – the somewhat notorious minicab app – has launched a scheme allowing customers to 'rent' rescue kittens 'on demand' in Australia. Called UberKITTENS, it's a programme that's been running periodically in America for a while. And one I strongly disagree with. Uber knows its reputation is shot to pieces. Multiple rape cases, incredibly inappropriate comments from its executives, ramping prices…

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jaime king

Jaime King used Uber to get to hospital and give birth

Sadie Hale Fun, Tech

Jaime King has revealed she took an Uber to hospital when she went into labour with last October. The 35-year-old American actress and model told host Conan O'Brien that an ambulance was too 'dramatic'. She explains her decision in the video below: 'they [Uber] say 'three minutes away', with an ambulance you don't know. I can rely on…

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Is Facebook about to partner with Uber?

Craig Fox Tech

With Facebook in a great position after its latest earnings call, and Uber in a not so great position with Seoul looking to ban its service we are left with reports that the two are looking to join forces and collaborate. The idea itself is to integrate Uber directly into Facebook's messenger app, this has been done…

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Uber victory: Transport for London releases statement siding with app in cabbies row

Diane Shipley Trending

Bad news for black cab drivers, but good news for ride-sharing apps (and their users): Transport for London (TfL) has released a statement confirming that Uber is operating legally in London. Cabbies had previously challenged TfL’s position, because Uber drivers calculate journey distances and fares using an app. Taxi drivers say this is equivalent to…

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London cabbies don't like Uber and plan 'severe chaos' in protest

Becca Caddy Tech

London's black cab drivers aren't happy about Uber and plan to bring "severe chaos" to the capital as a protest against the growing popularity of the smartphone taxi-booking app. As if the capital's cabbies weren't already grumpy enough, they're now planning to bring "chaos, congestion and confusion" to the streets of London because, in their…

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