Could social media slow the spread of HIV?

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Social media could slow the spread of HIV, according to a digital analyst. Sean Young (not that one) from the UCLA Center for Digital Behavior presented his ideas in an article in the journal Trends in Microbiology. He says that people often share health and personal information freely on sites like Twitter, and that hospitals,…

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Samaritans’ new Radar app spots tweeters in mental distress

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The Radar app is a new mental health tool from Samaritans. The charity is best known for lending a listening ear to people in emotional distress, but they also offer help via text and email, so an app was probably the next logical step. But rather than offering psychological support, it tracks the people users…

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Social media speech bubbles

Words that have whole new meanings, thanks to social media

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'On a cold winter's evening, the whole family would gather round the wireless... because Virgin Media broadband was down to 2Mbps again.' For as long as it has existed, the internet has been taking words and claiming them as its own. Post, thread, status; all terms that would have entirely different meanings on Downton Abbey than they…

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The week in hashtags: #NeverOK, #StandUp2Cancer, #BringBackOurGirls

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#NeverOK Exeter University has launched Never Ok, its campaign against sexual harassment. Inspired by Manchester Uni's We Get It campaign earlier this year, it's also a response to a recent NUS survey on 'lad culture', which found that two thirds of students had heard rape jokes on campus, while 50 per cent of students felt there was…

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hash symbol sculpture

The week in hashtags: #WakeUpCall, #NHSstrike, #ThorneTravel, #GBBOfinal

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#NHSstrike Today, thousands of NHS workers from across six different trade unions are striking in protest at the government's refusal to give all staff a one per cent pay rise. Messages of solidarity have spread across Twitter, with celebs including Sue Perkins, Rufus Hound and David Schneider all tweeting their support for the strikers.  …

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Dataminr for News is a Twitter tool for breaking news in real-time

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Twitter is just about the only social network that is good for sourcing information in real-time, but with the sheer amount of tweets that are being sent it can be difficult to make sense of them all. Dataminr for News is a new tool that allows journalists to identify breaking news stories when they occur on…

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Hash signs on street

The week in hashtags: #MFW, #HeForShe, #LessClassicallyBeautiful and more

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#HeForShe Proving she can stand up to more than just dementors, Emma Watson had the crowd spellbound with her speech at the launch of the United Nations’ He For She campaign. Hogwarts puns aside, it was an emotional, provocative speech that challenged perceptions of women’s rights, inviting men and boys to become advocates for change…

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Facebook and Twitter got the Scottish referendum all wrong

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Just after 6 AM today, the results were in: Scotland had voted to stay in the United Kingdom by 55% to 45%. Whether it was because of Gordon Brown’s unexpectedly rousing speech, the Better Together campaign’s uninspiring ad, or just because people tend to stick with what they know, the final result was 2,001,926 votes…

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What we learned from London Fashion Week SS15: streaming, social media and fibre optic frocks

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If your name's not down, you're still coming in With 90 per cent of LFW shows being streamed live online this season, actually being there isn’t nearly as on-trend as it used to be. Which means your new excuse is 'oh of course I was invited – but who needs the hassle of the crowds…

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hash symbol sculpture

The week in hashtags: #Phones4U, #WhyIStayed, #LFW and more

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#Phones4U After its final remaining network EE cut ties with the company on Sunday night, Phones4U has gone into administration. The store may have been one of the less soothing retail experiences out there, about on par estate agents and the Primark returns queue, but with 720 outlets the cheap and cheerful mobile merchants were…

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Twitter sand sculpture

Is the golden age of Twitter over? Why nobody retweets anymore

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‘My very best gag about [X] and not a single retweet? You lot don’t deserve me!’ – another day, another person on my timeline. They may seem cheerfully self-deprecating, but under the faux outrage of those tweets there bristles a real insecurity (I’ve decided) about their place on the platform, and the future of Twitter. After…

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Collage of digital (social) networks, Tanja Scherm

10 social network ideas that might just make us rich

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When Miranda July’s truly social new app Somebody launched last week, it inspired a vast spectrum of responses – ranging from ‘MY HEART IS WARMED AND HUMANITY IS SAVED’ to ‘strangers keep hugging me and now I hate the world more,’ with a lot of ‘but… why?’ in the middle. Meanwhile, we were thinking: what…

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Angry twitter birds - Ross Breadmore

How to complain on Twitter: A six step plan for sure-fire social justice

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Whether it’s dodgy products, bad food or collective public rage, Twitter is now apparently the quickest way to get a response from a brand. But that’s only when they do respond. It’s also the least satisfying channel for complaints, with only 39 per cent of UK organisations able to answer questions successfully through their Twitter…

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Twitter’s turning favourites into retweets, for some reason

Diane Shipley Gadgets & Apps 2 Comments

Twitter is experimenting with a new feature that effectively turns favourites into retweets for some users. Whereas Facebook wanted to mess with our minds, it seems that Twitter just wants to mess with our feeds. But it’s hard to tell which might be the most irritating. Twitter’s long been a fan of experimentation and often…

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The Premier League wants fans to stop posting videos

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Football fans and broadcasters alike are excited for the new season to start tomorrow, but the Premier League is in a grump about the potential money-losing effects of smartphone video. As they told the BBC, they’ve developed software to track online uploads of gifs and Vines that show goals or other momentous moments (red cards,…

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