Transport for London launches #HomeSafeSelfie, but will it really keep us safe?

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Transport for London has launched a new hashtag, #HomeSafeSelfie, which asks women to post a pic on Twitter or Instagram after a night out to let their friends and followers know they got home safely. It's part of a campaign highlighting the dangers of unbooked, unlicenced minicabs and recommending people download the free Cabwise app…

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Uber victory: Transport for London releases statement siding with app in cabbies row

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Bad news for black cab drivers, but good news for ride-sharing apps (and their users): Transport for London (TfL) has released a statement confirming that Uber is operating legally in London. Cabbies had previously challenged TfL’s position, because Uber drivers calculate journey distances and fares using an app. Taxi drivers say this is equivalent to…

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STUDY: Londoners are apprehensive about tube Wi-Fi plans

Becca Caddy Tech 1 Comment

Yesterday the mayor of London announced plans to introduce Wi-Fi service to parts of the underground in time for the Olympics this summer. Some super connected Londoners have been excited by the news, but many others are a little more wary about what the plans could mean for them. According to a statement released by…

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Check for buses and planes via Twitter with @whensmybus and @VAAInfo

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Virgin Atlantic has launched a new "tweet bot" service this week, which will allow Twitter travellers to find out more information about their flights via the social network. All you need to do in order to use the service is tweet your flight number and departure date to @VAAInfo. The bot will then tell you…

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5 Useful London transport apps and resources for a stress-free commute

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We all know that the commute is the worst part of the day, delays, sweaty people, loud people, agressive people, urgh I'm getting upset just thinking about it. But luckily there are a number of handy resources and mobile apps created to give you real time information as well as an insight into how the…

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Electricity generating speed bumps the next thing in eco-mania?

Lucy Hedges Tech 1 Comment

Those annoying beneficial road safety measures, otherwise known as sleeping policeman could be about to get a high-tech overhaul. Power generating road humps are to be tested on the streets of London, in what I do believe is the first in speed bump electricity generating history over here... and perhaps even the world. I'm a…

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Five Mobile apps, services and sites for transport and travel

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Despite the gales and hail we saw over the weekend, it is technically just a couple of weeks from officially being springtime. It's March, damn it! That means we should all be thinking about holidays and days out. In honour of that, here's a list of five useful mobile services, applications and sites for when…

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The KenBuster: Never forget your Congestion Charge payment again

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Having been caught short by entering a CC zone a few minutes early without realising, I welcome any device that will help forgetful drivers avoid the whopping penalties imposed for not paying the London Congestion Charge. The KenBuster is a GPS system that registers your location and triggers an automatic payment to TfL as appropriate,…

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