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11 ACTUALLY romantic moments from TV and film #LoveWeek

Lauren Bravo Love Week, Premium, Theme weeks, Trending

Forget everything you've been told about on-screen romance – here are the lesser-remembered moments from TV and film that will make your heart sing. (Nobody puts Baby in this list.) Say it with flours – Stranger Than Fiction He's an awkward, lonely tax inspector, she's an anarchic tattooed baker... (very) unlikely romance blossoms among…

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Younger people like more ‘aggressive’ humour, study says

Diane Shipley Fun

New research from the US suggests that there's a real generation gap when it comes to what makes us laugh. Assistant professor of psychology Jennifer Tehan Stanley from the University of Akron conducted the study, alongside Monika Lohani from Brandeis University and Derek M. Isaacowitz from Northeastern University. The team showed three groups of adults…

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Phones used in Seinfeld, Saved by the Bell, Friends and The Office

8 Retro sitcom storylines that couldn’t happen today: Seinfeld, Saved by the Bell, Friends

Lauren Bravo Fun

Another week, another reason to feel ancient. Just as we’d got over the fact Monica and Chandler are now old enough to go on Saga cruises and that it’s been a whole decade since Lindsay Lohan fell head-first into that bin, a new pop culture milestone arrives to plunge us all into a feedback loop…

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vTap – possibly the future of video?

Susi Weaser Tech

vTap launches today, and whilst Kat over at Tech Digest has had rather an unappealing introduction, I found a lot more to be excited about. I spoke to the people behind the service last week, and they're adamant that in The Future, we're going to eyeing up all our news, views and TV programmes whilst…

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02 goes BBC with Little Britain, The Office, Doctor Who and more

Staff Writer Tech

02 has inked a deal with Auntie for a shedload of exclusive mobile content. Video clips, wallpapers and ringtones from the shows mentioned as well as the likes of I'm Alan Partridge and League of Gentlemen will be provided exclusively to 02 customers from BBC Worldwide. There will be over 300 individual pices of content…

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Heaven Awaits: BitTorrent versus Streaming Internet Telly

Kimberly Tech

Eva Wiseman over at The Guardian has ruined my life. Okay, fine, I exaggerate. She’s "ruined my life" in a "hurts so good" way. In the 24 February 2007 edition of the guide ("TV Quick!") she shared websites that have links to free, streaming television shows and movies. I, being a selfish cow, would’ve kept…

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