All UK networks have confirmed Samsung Galaxy S4 now – except O2

Ashley Norris Tech 3 Comments

Here's a very interesting little snippet. Every single UK mobile phone network has now confirmed they will be selling the Samsung Galaxy S4, apart from one - O2. The others all have registration pages - Vodafone was the last, they added their page today - as do the big dealers. But there is radio silence…

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Tesco Mobile promises no contract price increases – slates EE, O2 and Voda

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If you have been stung by mid-contract price increases for your mobile you might want to read this. Tesco Mobile has gone on record as saying that it thinks the four other networks- all of which have introduced increases citing inflation and rising costs - are reneging on their agreements with customers. It has promised…

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UK's cheapest mobile phone contract: Tesco's £6 a month deal

Anna Leach Tech 1 Comment

At a tiny £6 a month Tesco's claim to have released the nation's cheapest phone deal. The Sim-only contract gets you unlimited texts and 100 free minutes a month. Aimed squarely at cash-strapped tweens, teens and students who don't use calls very much, this is a pretty good deal. It's a one month SIM only…

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Tesco cut contract lengths in their new iPhone pricing plans

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Tesco Mobile have released new price plans for the iPhone 3G and 3Gs- and have cut the contracts back down to one year. Customers have complained at the lengthy 18 and 24 month contracts that networks have tied them into on the top smartphones, so Tescos will cater to demand by going back down to…

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