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10 social network ideas that might just make us rich

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When Miranda July’s truly social new app Somebody launched last week, it inspired a vast spectrum of responses – ranging from ‘MY HEART IS WARMED AND HUMANITY IS SAVED’ to ‘strangers keep hugging me and now I hate the world more,’ with a lot of ‘but… why?’ in the middle. Meanwhile, we were thinking: what…

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Pierre Cardin 1967

INSIGHT – My vision for the future of fashion: smart tights, boob-specific tops, non-creasing clothes

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Following on from the news that Cher’s computerised wardrobe from Clueless is now a real thing, here are a few more visions of fashion future that I’d like to see become a reality in my lifetime (or from my cryogenic freezer, at least)… In the future, every garment will come with an exact copy, virtually…

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