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10 social network ideas that might just make us rich

Lauren Bravo Fun, Tech 1 Comment

When Miranda July’s truly social new app Somebody launched last week, it inspired a vast spectrum of responses – ranging from ‘MY HEART IS WARMED AND HUMANITY IS SAVED’ to ‘strangers keep hugging me and now I hate the world more,’ with a lot of ‘but… why?’ in the middle. Meanwhile, we were thinking: what…

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Snapchat could soon make money from disappearing news

Becca Caddy Tech Leave a Comment

Snapchat has well and truly changed our mobile habits for good with its ephemeral messaging app. But the big question everyone's asking now is: how will it make any money? Although your cat selfies and witty one-liners may be fun for you and your mates, they don't really present the team behind the app with…

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10 chat apps to use when texting just isn’t enough: Meow Chat, LINE, Snapchat

Hayley Minn Tech Leave a Comment

With so many chat apps out there, it’s hard to differentiate between them and decide which is the best one for you. There’s obviously the messaging giants like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp (which has also been acquired by Facebook, and, thus, Facebook is taking over the world) but there are so many others that may…

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Bolt: Instagram’s answer to Snapchat is here (but only in three countries)

Becca Caddy Tech 1 Comment

This week Instagram has lifted the lid on its new photo and video messaging app, called Bolt, which is all about 'wicked fast photo messaging' and looks set to take on photo rival Snapchat. The catch? For now it's only available in three countries: Singapore, South Africa and New Zealand. According to The Next Web, the…

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It's official, your sexts aren't safe with Snapchat

Becca Caddy Tech Leave a Comment

It turns out your sexts, selfies and silly updates might not be as private as the private messaging app has led us to believe. Ever since Snapchat was born, many have questioned whether it's private, self-destructing messages really disappear once they've gone from our screens. Well now Snapchat has admitted to the Federal Trade Commission…

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Five reasons why the new Bebo (and anyone else) should be targeting the teens

Ashley Norris Tech 1 Comment

One thing you can say about Bebo's (ahem) new owner, and it has to be said original founder Michael Birch is that he is a very smart man. Buying back the company you offloaded to AOL for $850 million for just $1 million is a work of genius. What would make Birch even more of…

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