And the ShinyShiny Awards 2014 winners are…

Staff Writer ShinyShiny Awards 2014 1 Comment

The nominees went head-to-head, votes were cast and the winners were (quite literally) drawn from a sparkly gold envelope live on Twitter this morning (check out @ShinyShiny if you're keen to catch up). If you missed the play-by-play action then don't worry, we've collected together all of the awards below with the winners and highly commended…

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20 things that happen when you start reviewing phones for a living

Holly Brockwell Entertainment, Features, Fun Stuff Leave a Comment

For the last few months, I've been writing ShinyShiny's phone reviews. It's a dream job, but changes your life in some weird and unpredictable ways. You get a Facebook message and a polyphonic orchestra of notification noises from multiple phones scares the living daylights out of you It was just my mum…

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Check out our #SleeveSelfie competition winners

Becca Caddy Competitions & Promotions Leave a Comment

Earlier this month we launched the #SleeveSelfie competition, a mission to find the funniest, most memorable photos of our readers with vinyl covers. You could be creative and recreate iconic scenes, you could be silly and make yourself part of the cover or you could be nostalgic and tell us the memories that you associate…

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ShinyShiny's April Round-up: iPhone 6 rumours, The Gadget Show, Jawbone up24

Becca Caddy Features Leave a Comment

It's been a whirlwind of a month here at ShinyShiny, so we've decided to collect together our favourite events, top reviews and most popular videos for a mammoth round-up. Keep an eye out for a lot of new and exciting changes to the site from next month. We can't wait! The Cricut Explore: a must-have…

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Download the #ShinyAutumn free digital photo/iPad magazine

Becca Caddy Features, Shiny Announcements Leave a Comment

We received so many brilliant entries to our #ShinyAutumn mobile photography competition over the last few weeks that we decided to create a digital photo magazine, showcasing 30 of our favourite images. You can download the digital magazine, Shiny Shiny's Autumn Collection, from Magcloud for free now as a pdf or a fancy iPad version,…

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Anna's Goodbye to ShinyShiny: Steve Jobs is Moving On & So Am I

Anna Leach Anna Leach, Top Stories 5 Comments

ShinyShiny readers: Steve Jobs is moving on, and so am I. Don't know how often I'll get to make this comparison so while I can I'm milking it TO THE FULL. I'm moving on after 2 years of editing ShinyShiny - my first and favourite blog. Since taking over the reins from Shiny luminaries Zara…

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Portable Computers from the Past: what the Nokia Booklet 3g can teach today's computer makers

Anna Leach Nokia, Reviews Leave a Comment

Portable computers are hot hot hot right now, but while mobile phone makers are dying to get into the market, it's hard to get it right. The Nokia Booklet was unveiled in August 2009, but despite having some damn fine features, it never took off. We look at the lessons to be learned from this…

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Shiny Video: launch of Peugeot's BB1, the cutest electric car ever

Anna Leach Car Gadgets, Top Stories 1 Comment

The Cheeky girls were there, and so was ShinyShiny. We managed to push celebs aside and get a look at Peugeot's new electric car the BB1: branded as half scooter, half car, it fits four people, has handlebars instead of a steering wheel, and the cutest squished windscreen you ever saw.

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Geek Chic for the proud newcomer – The Noob T-shirt

Orla Doherty Geek chic clothing Leave a Comment

If you're a forum user you'll no doubt have come across the term noob. In that odd little language left to the geekiest (or most awesome, depending on your view) internet users, 1337, newbie becomes noob. Obviously. If you are unashamed of this usual stigma, wear your shiny new status with pride with this T-shirt…

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Shiny Preview: Logic3 Traveller speakers for the iPhone

Susi Weaser Audio, iPhone, iPod, MP3 and Media Players, Phones Leave a Comment

Today, Logic3 announced the first dedicated iPhone speakers. They can take the iPhone either vertically or horizontally, and plug in via the 3.5 mm jack. The sound quality is really rather good, and bizarrely they're going to be available in the UK about 2 months before the iPhone. That, my friends, is planning ahead. Here's…

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Channel Rainbow Brite (she's making a comeback) with the Luxeed Rainbow Keyboard

Susi Weaser Peripherals 2 Comments

There aren't enough disco-inspired computer peripherals in the world, I find. We'd all work more productively, more happily and more inspiredly (is that a word? I suspect not) if Saturday Night Fever, KC and the Sunshine Band and metallic platforms were our office companions. Still, until that day, you can get hold of this rainbow…

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Shiny Poll: 97 gadgets in one, will convergence ever happen?

Susi Weaser Gadgets, iPhone, iPod, MP3 and Media Players, Phones, Poll Leave a Comment

Convergence: The point of converging; a meeting place. Or in English, being able to dump your mobile phone, your camera, your MP3 player and your mother, and just carry one all-encompassing Super Gadget. Therefore saving room in your bag for more lip balm. It's hailed every year as the future, but so far, I'm still…

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Nokia Prism comes to European shores – looks good, doesn't do anything new

Orla Doherty Phones 1 Comment

Last month we showed you the new Nokia Prism's rather fetching looks upon it's launch in China, and now it's finally coming to European shores. While it isn't mind-blowing in spec, if you're into the looks side of your gadgetry it should certainly float your boat. The two handsets which are being introduced, the Nokia…

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Artist teams up with New Business Horizons in Second Life show

Orla Doherty Tech News 3 Comments

Art and technology ought to go hand in hand if you ask me, and no I'm not talking about the sleek design of the iPhone. Artist Theresa Jones is taking part in a dual launch venture for her new collection by having a simultaneous Real Life and Second Life launch. Exciting! NBH is launching an…

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Roboboa makes the perfect multi-functional pet

Orla Doherty Gadgets, Home Appliances, Pet Stuff, Toys Leave a Comment

Meet Roboboa. He doesn't look that pretty, more like a vacuum cleaner pipe than anything, but he does do some rather nifty things. Part A.I. robot, part alarm clock, part reading light, he might just be the most useful bedside gadget I've yet seen. "Ever wanted a combination of a robot, alarm clock, desktop reading…

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Terrifying new spate of computer attacks sweeps the nation

Orla Doherty Tech News Leave a Comment

A terrifying wave of computer jealousy has struck. No, not people trying to swipe your new Macbook on the Tube, computers are rebelling against new technology like flash camera phones and upgrades. Jealousy can drive people to terrible things. And now gadgets aren't exempt from such explosive envy either. Read More

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Retro-fy your tunes with the Flatpack Boombox dock

Orla Doherty iPod Leave a Comment

Ahh, my favourite thing in the world of tech is getting more and more popular - mixing new technology with retro looks. iPod and MP3 player docks are simply everywhere but I'm rather fond of this superficial little boombox version. The Flatpack Boombox MP3 dock is, bizarrely enough, made from cardboard, so it's mostly about…

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