Phones used in Seinfeld, Saved by the Bell, Friends and The Office

8 Retro sitcom storylines that couldn’t happen today: Seinfeld, Saved by the Bell, Friends

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Another week, another reason to feel ancient. Just as we’d got over the fact Monica and Chandler are now old enough to go on Saga cruises and that it’s been a whole decade since Lindsay Lohan fell head-first into that bin, a new pop culture milestone arrives to plunge us all into a feedback loop…

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I Don't Know How She Does It app makes you look like SJP. Great…

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A new iPhone app released in tandem with Sarah Jessica Parker's new film, I Don't Know How She Does It, gives users detailed information about how to copy the famous actress' fashion sense. Which we're a little undecided about. But regardless of whether you love or hate, or love to hate SJP, there's no denying…

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The telephone bag that's a telephone

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If there was ever a bag worthy of carrying 'The World's Best Phone Bag' title, the Marilyn Phone Bag by Timmy Woods would *so* be worthy. It literally epitomises the term 'phone bag', and juxtaposes a bit of the old skool with the new (unless you have an archaic handset). Its retro 60s design, complete…

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Portable iPod speakers with added Sex and the City chic

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This isn't any ordinary iPod speaker - this is the Sex and the City GraytlittleSpeaker. So, basically it's a bog standard portable iPod speaker, given a funky name with Sex and the City illustrations emblazoned all over its outside walls (that is unless it has some Samantha, Miranda, Carrie or Charlotte commentary to accompany track…

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Which phones do the Sex and the City girls carry?

Susi Weaser Accessories, Celeb gadgets, Geek chic clothing, iPhone, Phones 7 Comments

So, we're just hours away from the World Premiere of the Sex and the City movie. I've heard rumours that there's going to be a Shiny Towers exodus at five thirty on the dot this evening, so that people can go and stargaze down at Leicester Square. But whilst our sister blogs are obsessing over…

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Bored of blogging? Make your voice heard with the U CAST podcasting kit

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If you were given the chance to create and send out your own podcasts for people to download, what would you podcast? Would you attempt to be the next Chris Moyles and host your own radio show, or perhaps some kind of Sex and the City-esque advice and opinion podcast based on your daily experience?…

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Rabbit Fever: Will you go for the Pearl or the Excalibur?

Zara Rabinowicz Naughty Toys 2 Comments

The countdown has begun to the SATC movie, and it's no surprise then that the ever popular Rabbit is making a comeback (oh and Easter as well, but that's like sooo last week now). The rabbit first attained popularity in Sex and the City, Series 1, episode 9, oh so many years ago, when Charlotte…

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The sexiest city just got hotter with the Manhattan vibrator

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I love New York, the bars, the clubs, the shopping... Now you can have a little bit of that glamour in your own home, with the Manhattan vibrator, bringing uber sexy city cool to the comfort of your own home. Get off like Carrie & co with this pink protuberance, which offers two levels of…

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Shiny Shiny Competition: Ann Summer's Rampant Rabbit: The Wave

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You heard about them on Sex and the City, you’ve seen this one in action, and now five lucky readers will get a chance to "ride that wave", courtesy of Ann Summers. The Rampant Rabbit has evolved yet again with The Wave. The Wave incorporates a sensual undulating ripple and the familiar bunny ears in…

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