HTC unveils the selfie-tastic Desire Eye with a 13MP front camera

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We all knew that HTC was very likely to be announcing a new photography-based phone, but while the rumours indicated that it was a new version of the HTC One M8, we have ended up with a brand new phone: the HTC Desire Eye with an astonishing 13MP front-facing camera. Because megapixels aren't everything, the…

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Samsung’s next budget phone is yet another selfie machine

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Phone manufacturers are really trying to jump onto the selfie bandwagon, first Microsoft and Sony and now Samsung is apparently releasing its own selfie machine in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. It's popped up on retail listings, on government documents, and now Thegioididong has reportedly got its hands on the unannounced phone and…

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Acer’s ‘selfie sombrero’ is an easy way to make your selfies to look ridiculous

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It's no secret that selfies can look absolutely ridiculous if you're not too careful. But if taking ridiculous self-portraits is kind of your thing, then you may want to check out Acer's new 'selfie sombrero', a hat that makes taking selfies incredibly easy and makes ridiculousness a guarantee. Created by designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis, and covered…

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Comic book selfies

Pouting, Paint & Contrast: an ode to Myspace selfies #PhotoWeek

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Warning: this article features examples of extreme pretension and self-promotion. Readers of a weak disposition may wish to consult their GP before continuing. We know by now that selfies have been around for longer than we have. There’s Robert Cornelius’ first effort back in 1839, the Edwardian lady with her Kodak Brownie and at least…

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New exhibition suggests selfies are ruining culture

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We've already touched on some of the problems with selfies: snapping them during funerals and plane crashes is insensitive, and if a monkey takes one with your camera, you could find yourself in a real copyright quandary. But some people think that at their worst, selfies are more than self-centred and a little irritating. They…

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“Who is TAKING all these photos of you?” And 9 other comments we wish we could leave on Instagram #PhotoWeek

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…but never will because ultimately we’re good people, damnit.  "Careful, you’re almost out of loo roll…" Ain’t it just one of life’s cruellest tricks that the most flattering lighting is always in the toilet? Still, anyone looks great next to an avocado bathroom suite. "D’you know, I think the 13th hashtag might be overkill?" But…

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Science can predict which selfies we’ll like best

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We’d always thought that, despite this photo app-heavy era, it’s possible to make real connections online that aren’t defined by how people look. Turns out, we’re idealistic fools and human beings are depressingly superficial. Psychologists from the University of York conducted a new study to find out whether they could predict how their subjects would…

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Will new selfie app Booster help you reach your goals?

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A lot of people find that online accountability helps them stick to their goals: posting about their healthier diet, improved exercise habits, or debt reduction making them less likely to suddenly slip up and flop on the sofa mainlining Ben & Jerry’s while buying up half of ASOS. But not everyone in your network cares about…

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It's official, your sexts aren't safe with Snapchat

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It turns out your sexts, selfies and silly updates might not be as private as the private messaging app has led us to believe. Ever since Snapchat was born, many have questioned whether it's private, self-destructing messages really disappear once they've gone from our screens. Well now Snapchat has admitted to the Federal Trade Commission…

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Selfies in the changing room? Has Karl Lagerfeld gone too far this time?

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Karl Lagerfeld, famous for being a world-renowned fashion designer and expressing a creepy desire to marry his cat, has had iPads built into the walls of the changing rooms inside his new flagship store in London. The reason? To encourage people to take more changing room selfies, of course! According to reports, the store will…

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Ellen DeGeneres officially wins at selfies with star-studded Oscars photo

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Ellen DeGeneres has managed to break the record for most retweets EVER with this awesome star-studded selfie taken at last night's Oscars. If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars— Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) March 3, 2014 So far the tweet has had more than two and a half million retweets and counting,…

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SelfiExploratory: A data project all about our vain selfies

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Mobile messaging is becoming more and more popular each day, so you know what that means? More messages! Well yeah, but also, more SELFIES. Call them silly, call them pointless, call them vain, but there's been a lot of discussion over the past year or so about selfies, our selfie-snapping habits, why we take them…

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