Another theory tries to explain why the iPhone 6 is sapphire glass free

Tom Pritchard Tech Leave a Comment

The rumour mill was going crazy over the possibility of the iPhone 6 having sapphire glass displays, constantly contradicting itself with pieces of information that were being leaked, or made up, and released online. Then the iPhone 6 came along and didn't have a sapphire glass display, and there are a number of theories as to…

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Why doesn’t the iPhone 6 have sapphire glass?

Tom Pritchard Tech 1 Comment

Sapphire glass was one thing to rumour mill just couldn't decide on, would it be included or would it be scrapped? There were rumours of troubled production, issue with the raw materials, and when the announcement came around we heard... nothing. Not quite nothing, since the Apple Watch will include a sapphire glass display, but…

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Is Corning worried about Apple’s Sapphire glass rumours?

Craig Fox Tech Leave a Comment

We've seen plenty of rumours that the upcoming iPhone will have Sapphire glass, with these rumours Corning appears to have been somewhat shaken and has launched a video on its site detailing the breaking point of its Gorilla glass vs Sapphire glass. This is a very bold statement to make without any concise evidence that…

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