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Joylent review: days 1 to 3 #HealthAndFitnessWeek

Holly Brockwell Feeling good, Health, Health and Fitness Week, Theme weeks 4 Comments

Shiny's Holly and Sadie are doing 10 days on Joylent, the EU equivalent of Soylent, which is a powdered complete food for humans. Find out more about the project here. The beginning Our Joylent arrived as a giant cardboard box full of mostly-unmarked plastic bags of powder. Yes, it looked like a shipment of drugs.…

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joylent 2

Joylent review: 10 days of eating nutritionally-balanced powdered food for #HealthAndFitnessWeek

Holly Brockwell Feeling good, Health, Health and Fitness Week, Premium 4 Comments

You might have heard of Soylent, the nutritionally-balanced, complete food for humans that's been making a bit of a stir in the US. Opinions vary from "this is the future of food" to "you've ruined everything that's good about being alive," and like everyone else, we were intrigued. So for 10 days, Editor Holly and…

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ASUS Transformer Book review: a tablet/laptop hybrid that’s ideal for work

Holly Brockwell Gadgets, Reviews, Tech, What to buy Leave a Comment

At ShinyShiny, we like to give devices a good, proper, hands-on review before we give an opinion. So I've been using the ASUS Transformer Book (model T200TA-CP004H) as my main work computer for more than a month now, testing not just first impressions but how it actually performs, day-to-day, when you're relying on it. I…

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WeSwap review: crowdsourcing your travel currency

Holly Brockwell Apps, Reviews, Tech, What to buy 1 Comment

As you might have seen, we recently headed off to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Naturally, we needed some dollars. Rather than visiting a bureau de change or just using our cards when we got there, we tried a more future-facing service: WeSwap. It's an app and website that lets you swap…

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Sleepphones review: blocking out my rhino of a neighbour with Bluetooth

Holly Brockwell Tech 1 Comment

My upstairs neighbour is a rhinocerous. This is the only conclusion I can come to, considering the noise he makes tramping around on his wooden floorboards every night. Given the total absence of any kind of soundproofing in rental flats, this has been keeping me awake every night  – and I've had it. I've tried earplugs…

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Huawei Ascend P7

Huawei Ascend P7 review: a great selfie phone – if you can keep hold of it

Holly Brockwell Tech 1 Comment

With thanks to Carphone Warehouse for the handset.  One of the higher-end offerings from the unpronounceable Huawei, the Ascend P7, is priced for the mid-range but taking aim at the flagships. With good looks, an unusually strong selfie camera and an excellent screen, it makes a good start. But as we soon found out, it's a slippery customer...…

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Vodafone Smart 4 Mini

Vodafone Smart 4 Mini review – a £39 Android that punches above its weight

Holly Brockwell Tech 2 Comments

With thanks to Vodafone for the handset. The smaller of Vodafone’s two Smart 4 handsets, the Smart 4 Mini is an entry-level Android at an appealing £39. It’s only on Vodafone (obviously) and some features are more compromised than you might like, but the screen and battery hold up well and you won’t have to worry…

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Archos Helium 50

Archos Helium 50 review – a generic 4G Android saved by its screen

Holly Brockwell Tech Leave a Comment

With thanks to Archos for the handset Better known in the UK for its audio and video players, French firm Archos has been making smartphones in Europe for quite a while. The Helium 50 is one of two phones in its first ever 4G LTE offering: a mid-range black plastic slab running Android Jelly Bean.…

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waterproof gadget montage

Waterproof gadgets put to the test: Misfit Shine, Braven speaker, Ricoh camera, Proporta Beachbuoy

Sadie Hale Tech 2 Comments

As we well know here at shinyshiny, there's a whole world of mind-blowing new gadgets out there, and we're sometimes lucky enough to try them out. After #swimmingweek over at Brandish, it seemed only fitting to test out some waterproof products here: whether it was in the depths of the local pool, splashing in the sea or a brief dip…

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3 colours

Alcatel OneTouch Pop S3 review: The £80 4G phone that’s a little ray of Android sunshine

Hayley Minn Tech 4 Comments

This phone is the epitome of ‘cheap and cheerful’. It’s bright, sweet, and just £80 on pay-as-you-go. So what exactly do you get in a sub-£100 Android handset these days? A surprising amount, in this case – 4G LTE, a quad-core Snapdragon™ processor, a main and front-facing camera, and even a choice of three snap-on…

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