shinyshiny speaks to London Beauty Queen about blogging, apps and Twitter trolls

Hayley Minn Beauty, Looking good, Trending

If you haven't heard of London Beauty Queen, then where have you been? Hayley Carr started the blog as a side project, while working as a brand manager in the cosmetics industry, writing about all things beauty from an insider's perspective - what does the product really do and is it worth the money? After…

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Quora: Is the Q&A site making a comeback?

Becca Caddy Tech

Many of us may have already forgotten that Q&A website Quora even exists, but its dedicated community, fairly new format and niche selection of 'specialists' could lead to a comeback any time now... When Quora became super popular last year everyone was talking about how amazing it would be, how it'd become the 'next big…

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