Facebook, Pinterest, Box to launch mentorship program for women in tech

Sadie Hale Gadgets & Apps 2 Comments

Facebook, Pinterest and Box have teamed up to announce a one-on-one mentorship scheme to help women break into the technical industry. With the pilot scheme due to begin in early 2015, the aptly-named Women Entering and Staying in Tech (WEST) will offer help to early through mid-career women who are in roles such as Engineering,…

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Collage of digital (social) networks, Tanja Scherm

10 social network ideas that might just make us rich

Lauren Bravo Features, Fun Stuff, Social networking 1 Comment

When Miranda July’s truly social new app Somebody launched last week, it inspired a vast spectrum of responses – ranging from ‘MY HEART IS WARMED AND HUMANITY IS SAVED’ to ‘strangers keep hugging me and now I hate the world more,’ with a lot of ‘but… why?’ in the middle. Meanwhile, we were thinking: what…

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The best Pinterest boards for running tips, gear & motivation #RunningWeek

Laura Kidd Health & Fitness, Running Week 1 Comment

The hardest part of running is taking the first step. We all know that exercise endorphins are there to make us feel great, and if you're already a runner you'll also know that even a short jog can vastly improve your day. But goodness me, isn't that comfy duvet appealing in the morning, and aren't you so tired…

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Why Pinterest’s new messaging feature will make the platform better than ever

Becca Caddy Gadgets & Apps, Premium Leave a Comment

Pinterest lovers will be delighted to hear that today the addictive bookmarking platform is introducing a bunch of new ways to send messages to friends and fellow pinners. The official Pinterest blog (aptly called Oh How Pinteresting!) published details of the new messaging feature today and I think even those who aren't obsessively pinning every night…

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Pinterest comes to Android Wear and tells you about nearby pins

Becca Caddy Gadgets & Apps 1 Comment

On Wednesday, Google made a whole load of interesting and exciting new announcements at its I/O developer conference. (Check out our pick of the best bits here). But what excited and interested us the must? Well, it had to be the closer look and added features of its new operating system built entirely for wearables, Android…

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Pinterest board

INSIGHT – 8 things Pinterest has ruined forever: weddings, relationships and hair

Lauren Bravo Style 2 Comments

A new study has shown that Pinterest is now more popular than Twitter in the US. But while our favourite social scrapbooking platform makes the world look just a little bit prettier, it’s also destroying everything we’ve ever loved… Relationships Sure, you’re in love. But why aren’t you in love in a meadow? Or coyly…

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How fashion brands do social media: 5 great examples from ASOS, Topshop, Marc Jacobs

Laura Kidd Smart Shopping, Style Leave a Comment

Retailers are starting to understand it’s no longer enough to simply stock the online shelves and invite us to the shop. We’re becoming a nation of communication addicts, and some of the best fashion brands are finding fun ways to become part of their customers’ everyday lives through innovative uses of social media. The following…

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Pinterest is now FINALLY available for Windows Phone

Diane Shipley Gadgets & Apps Leave a Comment

Poor Windows Phone users. For years they’ve been itching to share photos of their quirky weddings and instructions for hand-sewn bunting or seven-layered rainbow cakes they’re definitely probably possibly going to make. But they’ve been forced to do it all from their computers or not at all, while iPhone and Android users were happily pinning…

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Pinterest: Why promoted pins won't destroy the user experience

Becca Caddy Features, Shopping 1 Comment

Over the past seven months, Pinterest has been "experimenting" with promoted pins, but will its news plans to step up its monetisation game have too much of a negative impact on the experience of its users? Four years after its launch and Pinterest is still a firm favourite for content curation, visual inspiration and, of…

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Major Flipboard upgrade now lets users create their own magazines

Ashley Norris Apple, Apps Leave a Comment

Flipboard, the iPad/iPhone/Android app which enables users to flick through social media and content updates in magazine style, has been quiet for a while and now we know why. It has just announced a new version which lets users create their own magazines. In a bid to rival curation sites like Pinterest and offer something…

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PINTEREST: Redesign rolls out to some users, it's barely noticeable

Becca Caddy Uncategorized Leave a Comment

The team at Pinterest HQ have made a number of changes to the virtual pinboard platform since it became super popular a few years ago and now it intends to increase engagement levels and aid discovery even more with a redesign that's already rolled out to a select number of users overnight. If you're a…

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Catmoji: Pinterest for (crazy) cat lovers

Becca Caddy Trending Leave a Comment

Ever since cutesy, crafty virtual pinboard Pinterest became super popular last year we've seen a number of crazy clones, from those that have just blatantly ripped off the idea, to manly Pinterest Gentlement and of course Pinterest for porn sites, like Snatchly and sex.com. However, cat lovers now have their own online haven for silly…

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Pinterest buys recipe sharing site Punchfork

Becca Caddy Trending Leave a Comment

Virtual pinboard website - and our favourite procrastination destination - Pinterest has made its first acquisition this week by gobbling up recipe sharing and discovery site Punchfork. Launched in 2011, Punchfork utilises a series of algorithms to recommend recipes to its users based on sharing stats and discussions. The acquisition certainly makes sense for Pinterest,…

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PINTEREST: Create secret boards for Christmas or your risqué photo obsession

Becca Caddy Trending Leave a Comment

Today Pinterest announced that it's begun rolling out a much requested feature, super top secret boards to keep festive present ideas behind closed doors or collect big libraries of risqué photos, whichever you please. Ever since Pinterest became really popular at the end of last year users have whined about wanting to keep their crafty…

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Bazaart turns your Pinterest pins into stylish collages

Becca Caddy Trending 1 Comment

Are we the only ones who are getting a little bored of Pinterest at the moment? After all, there's only so many times you can stare at pretty pictures of clothes, holidays and interiors you'll never be able to afford. Well maybe our love for the virtual pinning board will be reignited with Bazaart, an…

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Pinterest app FINALLY comes to Android and iPad devices

Becca Caddy Apps, Mobile phone apps 4 Comments

Today social bookmarking site Pinterest has announced that you can now download its app for iPad and Android devices too, so you no longer need an iPhone to happily pin away your days. The Android version has been in the pipeline for some time now and promises to work just as well on mobile phones…

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Pinterest stops being so secretive and FINALLY opens up to the public

Becca Caddy Trending 1 Comment

Social bookmarking and visual inspiration site Pinterest has finally stopped being so damn secretive after opening its doors to the public for the first time. It's always been fairly easy to get hold of a Pinterest invite, but now there's no waiting around to become a user, you just fill in your details and get…

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Top celebrities on Pinterest [Part 2]: Obama, Paris Hilton & Yoko Ono

Becca Caddy Top Stories, Trending Leave a Comment

Some people choose to avoid the crazy ramblings of celebrities online like the plague, whereas others seem to have made it their sole purpose in life to get re-tweeted by Justin Bieber. If you fall into the second camp you'll probably already be stalking/following your favourite celebrities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other place…

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Pearltrees: Pinterest/Evernote hybrid comes to the iPhone

Becca Caddy Apps, Mobile phone apps, Trending Leave a Comment

Lovely, another app that's a bit like this one with a hint of that one. Today we're checking out Pearltrees, it's existed on the web for some time, but now the Pinterest/Evernote hybrid has come to the iPhone packed full of new ways to share and gather content and lots of quirky terminology, including collecting…

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