2014: the year internet dating went seriously mainstream

Hayley Minn ShinyShiny Awards 2014 1 Comment

2014 really seems to have been the year that it’s become not just socially acceptable but actually mainstream to date online, thus making the cliched profile tagline ‘If anyone asks, we met in prison’ completely defunct. So many dating apps have sprung up, including Happn, Hinge and the newest one Antidate, to name but a…

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Couples who meet via online dating are more likely to break up

Diane Shipley Gadgets & Apps Leave a Comment

Cupid is not going to be OK when he hears this news. According to a new study published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, couples who meet via online dating are less likely to stay together than couples who first encounter each other IRL. Recent research from eHarmony found that one in three…

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The top 10 words you need to use on your profile to bag a date online

Hayley Minn Dating online Leave a Comment

Do you often wonder what you should write in that dreaded 'About Me' section on online dating profiles? It always seems so hard to find the right balance between being too boring and too egotistical, doesn't it? Well, now experts have identified which words you should be using in your profile to bag that dream…

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12 WTF Sites from the weird and wonderful world of online dating

Becca Caddy Top Stories, Trending 2 Comments

If you're not in a relationship it can be hard to find a decent girl or guy who isn't a complete scumbag or just incredibly boring, but we want you to be able to have lots of sex and run through meadows and send each other cute emails and all of that other stuff that…

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WTF: MatchPuppy is online dating for your dog

Becca Caddy Random Stuff, Trending 8 Comments

A new social networking site has been launched to ensure your furry friends have innocent play dates or serious mating activity with the right partner. We genuinely couldn't make this up. New to the realm of "WTF WHY DOES THIS ACTUALLY EXIST?!" comes MatchPuppy, which is essentially a New York-based online dating site for your…

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Nerdy girls are more likely to be into "rough sex" – another fun fact from OkayCupid

Anna Leach Dating online Leave a Comment

Women who use the words "dorky" or "nerdy" to describe themselves are also more likely to be into uh rough sex, according to some stats from dating site OkayCupid. The same isn't true for men. Of course, words like tattoo and piercing have a much stronger correlation with a taste for rough sex. Still -…

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Dating is the new farming: Social dating app Badoo overtakes Farmville on Facebook

Anna Leach Facebook, Social networking, Top Stories 4 Comments

It seems that dating is the new farming- at least as far as Facebook users are concerned. Dating app Badoo is now the most second most popular app on Facebook with more than 55m monthly active users, and gaining nearly 1m people every day according to AppData. That puts it ahead of Zynga's Farmville -…

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Why you should ask your date if he thinks nuclear war is exciting: Helpful, statistically-backed dating advice from OkayCupid.com

Anna Leach Dating online, Top Stories Leave a Comment

If you want your dates to be statistically above-average successful, then you should cast an eye over this research by dating site OkayCupid. These guys have trawled through 736million responses from their members about dating conversations and come up with a list of what lines work best. I for one am glad that some maths…

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Love.co.uk offers, yes, LOVE – plus some personalised dating tips

Anna Leach Dating online Leave a Comment

Been leaving the search for true love a little late again this year? Well, maybe this handy little website will help you. Yes, it is a new dating website. YES IT IS. Optimistically named Love.co.uk (I suppose half-heartedshag.co.uk wouldn't have the same positive associations) it promises to help you find love, soon. Launching on V-day,…

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Social Dating: What is it? and should you be doing it?

Anna Leach Dating online, Features, Social networking, Top Stories 2 Comments

We know what online dating is. We've been there, done that, gone to the dodgy bars. And of course we know what social networking is. But I was intrigued to see that there is now a new kind of dating - social dating. And according to Badoo that's what you should be doing now. Coincidentally,…

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Fatepod: a dating site for following up on those chance encounters

Anna Leach Dating online, Top Stories 30 Comments

At ShinyShiny we maintain a healthy interest in both online dating sites and things with silly names, so of course we were delighted to hear about new online dating site called "Fatepod", launching on Monday. I don't know where the "pod" bit comes from, but the "Fate" bit is there for a very good reason.…

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How technology has changed dating for ever..

Anna Leach Dating online, Top Stories, Trending 2 Comments

Things ain't like how they used to be. In the past twenty years, technology has changed everything from the publishing industry to home videos. Dating has not escaped. Tell us what you think in the poll at the bottom... How technology has made dating a nightmare... 1) The privacy of gadgets Just noticed an article…

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Porn industry blames $74m decline on the rise of online dating

Anna Leach Dating online, Trending 1 Comment

Contrary to everything ever written, it seems that people are actually getting a bit tired of porn on the internet. Turns out they'd rather engage in flirtatious chat, profile skimming and all the other things that comprise online dating. It seems the porn industry has lost $74m recently and it blames the rise of online…

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The Wall Street Journal offers advice on Facebook relationships – thanks.

Anna Leach Dating online, Facebook 1 Comment

Not content with being a leading financial authority on issues like - should I sell or buy 10,000 BP shares today? The Wall Street Journal is now doling out Online Relationship Advice - so listen up netizens. However, after a little read of the article "When Old Flames beckon on Facebook" we feel that perhaps…

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How to send the best internet dating message ever

Anna Leach Social networking 4 Comments

Good spelling helps you get dates and mentioning zombies is much more likely to start a conversation up than chatting about god says a survey of first messages on dating website OkCupid. Finally there are some hard statistics out on this most delicate area of internet interaction. The people behind OkCupid have analysed 50,000 first…

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The Indian SMS resolution, or, why calling girls fat makes them like you

Staff Writer Tech News Leave a Comment

India holds a beguiling mix of modern living and traditional values; systems of etiquette sometimes considered old fashioned in the west continue to thrive. Unexpectedly, SMS text messages are beginning to cause a shift in social norms, providing young people with a way of flirting and communicating that would be unthinkable or, at the very…

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Hot fuss: why is online dating still treated as though it's mysterious and new?

Cate Columns & Opinion 1 Comment

Cate Sevilla writes... Can we get over this whole "online dating" thing and stop calling it a phenomenon? After its initial boom and mystery practically 10 years ago, why are we still freaking out about it? I suppose that it's still technically new, and that the Internet and social networking and meeting people online is…

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Facebook and Match.com sitting in a tree…

Staff Writer Fun Stuff Leave a Comment

There has never been a better time to cull your friends list, it's true, but what if you've been using the book of faces expressly to meet that special someone - or at least the person who'll do for now? It's about to get easier with Little Black Book, an application rumoured to be launching…

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