Mobile Rumours: HTC One M8 Max, HTC One M9 design concepts, and Galaxy Note 4 leaks

Tom Pritchard Gadgets & Apps Leave a Comment

The world of mobile news is scary and complicated, with rumours flying about all over the place about what the many different companies are planning on doing. If you don’t know what you’re looking for then chances are you won’t get very far, so to ease your burden here are some of today’s biggest mobile…

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Could this new shatterproof coating save you from a smashed phone screen?

Diane Shipley Gadgets & Apps Leave a Comment

Mobile phones have changed a lot in the last few years: they’re now faster and thinner (and wider) than ever, with sharp graphics and increased storage capacity... and screens that could shatter at a second’s notice. The fact that late-90s devices have had a recent resurgence has even been credited in part to the fact…

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IFA 2012: James Bond's Skyfall smartphone named as the Sony Xperia T

Becca Caddy IFA 2012, Phones Leave a Comment

Shiny Shiny's sister site Tech Digest has headed over to IFA 2012 in Berlin this week to find out the latest from the biggest names in tech... Sony have a new Android smartphone flagship in the shape of the Sony Xperia T, freshly revealed at IFA 2012. Leaked first as the Mint and LT30i, the…

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All hail the pink mobile phone: Top ten pink handsets

Lucy Hedges Gallery 3 Comments

Remember the days when pink phones were associated with the words 'limited edition' or 'exclusive'. Now they're just run-of-the-mill, they're everywhere, in colours ranging from baby pink, to coral, to cerise, to crimson to aaarrrggghh! No longer are they deemed 'special'. They've been de-ranked to the bog-standard world of mobile phoneage, to join the likes…

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First we had Smirting, now we have Smexting

Zara Rabinowicz Tech News Leave a Comment

Gosh darn it, even if you don't smoke you can't get away from the annoyingly catchy abbreviations that seem to have sprung up in the wake of the smoking ban. Now we don't have people chatting on street corners while they smoke, no, it's all smirting, and even texting while we have a discrete puff…

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Buy your Mother's love with the pink Plantronic Headset

Zara Rabinowicz Phones Leave a Comment

Mothers and mobiles. Hmm. The concept works inasmuch as the mobile in question is a purely functional device, has limited buttons and doesn’t randomly connect to the web in your handbag. Oh, and it’s a great way for making you feel guilty for your lack of love, attention and energy you bestow on your mama…

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Clarins' Expertise 3p 'blocks' those harmful radiation rays

Katherine Hannaford Health & Sport Leave a Comment

Needed more proof to add to your skepticism regarding beauty products? Clarins have just launched what they're claiming as being the world's first spray designed to protect skin from the electromagnetic radiation which we're subjected to from mobiles, laptops and other electronic items. Expertise 3p contains molecules derived from plants, including Succory Dock-Cress which grows…

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Shiny at 3GSM: BlackBerry's 8800

Katherine Hannaford 3GSM, Gadget Shows, Phones Leave a Comment

Not to be confused with Nokia's 8800, BlackBerry have just announced their new version, the 8800, which apparently contains 'GPS goodness', according to our woman of the hour, Susi, who obviously needs a long nap, judging by this video. Bless. The mobile appears to be a mash-up of the Pearl, and previous model, the 8700g.…

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Top 10 mobile phones of 2007 we can't wait for

Katherine Hannaford Phones 6 Comments

Everyone's been talking about it the last few weeks - the blogs haven't buzzed this much since the Lonelygirl15 scandal; the chippies are wrapping pieces of cod in newspapers' sycophantic gushings about it, heck, even your own Aunt has asked you how integrated the OS X will be in it. Yep, we're talking 'bout the…

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Three Ultra Edition Samsung handsets launched

Kate Walker Phones Leave a Comment

Phones have very little in common with buses, you might think. But with the current trend among handset firms for releasing a number of models at the same time, hackneyed writers such as myself can fall back on old cliches when desperately digging about for an intro. So yes, phones are like buses. You wait…

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Senko ScreenMirror lets you preen on the go

Gabrielle Taylor Gadgets Leave a Comment

While Phil O'Connor might be able to go weeks without looking at himself in the mirror, most of us want to give ourselves a quick checkup before going on a date, or into a job interview, or being interrogated by a bobby just after speeding. But, we don't necessarily want to be obvious about it.…

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Ivory Phone: expensive, elaborate, illegal

Gabrielle Taylor Phones Leave a Comment

If you have $23,000 USD lying around and absolutely no sense of shame, the Ivory Phone can be yours. Carved from elephant tusk, mammoth bones and camel bones, it took three labourers six months to create these dragon-encrusted mobiles (of completely uncertain technological contents). Normally the solid gold mobile is simply a curiosity, but this…

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Cosmos LED and Swarovski chandelier

Gabrielle Taylor Furnishings and Furniture 4 Comments

The Cosmos chandeliers involve webs of bright blue illusionary light made solid by tracing the after-image left by a point of light, and lining it with Swarovski crystals and blue LEDs. Designed by Naoto Fukasawa. "It is as if the light comes from the stick of wizards," says Naoto. [GT] Cosmos Related stories: Spa bath…

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The Light Bank phasing LED slice

Gabrielle Taylor Furnishings and Furniture Leave a Comment

More than a night-light and less than a lamp, the Light Bank is a slab of 16 cubes with 48 LEDs that randomly cycle through pulses of illumination. Mains powered and adapter included. £25. [GT] Light Bank Related stories: USB Mini Lava Light | Brightwalk light up shoes for runners | Put a red light…

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Minox DC1011 Carat gold and diamond digital camera

Gabrielle Taylor Cameras Leave a Comment

Take ten 3 point diamonds and embed them around the lens. Gold plate the exterior in 24 karat. All hand-finished, of course. The insides: the Minox DC1011 10.1 megapixel camera, with a 2.5 inch LCD and 3x optical zoom. Minox is near-half owned by Leica (which is owned by Hermès) so it should be good…

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Texting style shows: romantic or dumpster

Gabrielle Taylor Phones Leave a Comment

Online dating site Parship did psych workups of a bunch of average, text-happy Britons to find out how it reveals how they date. Results: those looking for a quick fling are much more likely to get their thumbs going (60%!), where those who want true love actually go voice (67%). And if you get texted…

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Baby Boom Watches for the bust and echo (so to speak)

Gabrielle Taylor Gadgets Leave a Comment

The Baby Boom Watch from LAKS tells you exactly what time it is - if you want to get pregnant, that is. At €90 in black or white (or €150 for a pair of mix or match) it's a possibility for those of us who can't remember to take our temperatures all the time. (Does…

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Store your DNA: forever

Gabrielle Taylor Health & Sport Leave a Comment

As forever as air-cooled palaces of power, young and strong and... well, as forever as a couple of silver plastic bags can be (although at Hippyshopper we know that's rather a long time). The DNA Storage Kit lets you, for a paltry twenty pound note, store a copy of your internal formula for future reference.…

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