MacBook Air gets a 2012 makeover: Ivy Bridge, bigger SSD

Becca Caddy Apple, Computers, Netbooks, Tech News 2 Comments

The next-generation MacBook Pro may be as good-looking as it is powerful, but it still isn't as slim as the MacBook Air. Also getting a 2012 makeover at WWDC, Gerald from Tech Digest runs us through the key new specs of Apple's catwalk-friendly notebooks. While all eyes will undoubtedly be on Apple's next-generation MacBook Pro…

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Next generation MacBook Pro with Retina Display revealed

Becca Caddy Apple, Computers, Netbooks, Tech News, Top Stories 5 Comments

After a long old wait, Apple have finally revealed the next-generation of their MacBook Pro line. And for once, the Cupertino company seem to have made good on every rumour that's made the rounds on the web these past few months. Gerald over at our chums Tech Digest gives you the low-down on everything that…

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WTF: There's nothing hotter than the scent of a MacBook Pro

Becca Caddy Random Stuff 3 Comments

Not content with having all of the Apple products, Apple hair cuts and Apple tattoos (YES REALLY), Apple fan boys and girls all over the globe can now smell like Apple products. But not just any old Apple products, those that have just been birthed into the world from their boxes. Ahh, we wish we…

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Apple ramps up the speed on new MacBook Pros

Anna Leach Apple, Top Stories Leave a Comment

Apple unveiled the new MacBook family today and the big difference is the speed - the three new laptops are up to twice as fast as the previous generation. Coming in three form-factors - with 13 inch, 15 inch and 17 inch screens - the MacBook Pros pack significantly faster dual-core and quad-core Intel chips.…

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Meet the new MacBook Pro family – better chips, better graphics cards

Anna Leach Apple, Computers Leave a Comment

While the iPad is grabbing eyes and headlines, Apple have just beefed up one of their core offerings by releasing a new family of MacBook Pros. And these are available in the UK. What are the updates then? Key updates only come on the 15" and 17" models. Here's the low down: - Faster chips:…

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Get wood for your MacBook Pro

Lucy Hedges Accessories, Cases, Covers and Bags Leave a Comment

Macbook's don't grow on trees, but this wooden slip case did at some point and has now been beautifully crafted and transformed into this wooden encasing for your beloved Apple Macbook. They're not as basic as they look, the wooden slip cases are lined with leather and feature magnetic enclosures to keep your precious equipment…

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A 17-inch Macbook Pro 'unibody' could be in the making

Lucy Hedges Apple, Computers Leave a Comment

Remember when Apple came up with the term 'unibody' (think leotard) to describe the piece of aluminium covering the outer shell of its latest MacBooks? Not only does this piece of aluminium make you computer lighter than previous casing, but it's kinder to the environment too, with 30 percent less power draining from the screen.…

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Shiny Gallery: Lucy's Christmas wishlist – donations welcomed

Lucy Hedges Gallery 2 Comments

It's that time of year again when I fantasise about getting things waaaay out of my price range. And what better way to tell you what I want than with a gallery Christmas wishlist? Wishlist in my case means two things. Firstly, it means items I wouldn't necessarily buy myself due to the fist bitingly…

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Shiny gallery: Celebrities and their gadgets

Lucy Hedges Celeb gadgets, Gallery Leave a Comment

No matter how much you deny it, everyone loves a bit of celeb watching. And we all of course, have a passion for gadgets don't we? That's why you're here on Shiny Shiny isn't it, and not for your love of, say animals? To pay homage to this double whammy of love, this gallery has…

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Apple Store rewards rumour mill with updated MacBook Pro and MacBook lines

Staff Writer Computers Leave a Comment

The rumours were, for once, pretty much entirely accurate. The Apple Store went down and came back up with updates to the MacBook and MacBook Pro lines. What tweaks and additions can we expect this time, given that appearance is staying very much the same? Well, for both ranges, the latest Intel Core 2 Duo…

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tech air brings us more padded, practical laptop cases for MacBooks

Staff Writer Cases, Covers and Bags 1 Comment

tech air has a new range of tough laptop bags specifically designed for the Apple MacBook. And since I have one (17" Pro, since you didn't ask) and rarely find a decent bag to fit it, I am happy about this. They're Very Sensible Bags, cushioning and protecting your precious laptop and offering you some…

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Extra, if slightly random, notebook safety courtesy of WORKING CLASS HEROES

Susi Weaser Cases, Covers and Bags Leave a Comment

Not a title I ever thought I'd be writing, really. To explain, Shouty McShouty WORKING CLASS HEROES is the name of the laptop wallet. It's made of felt, "the oldest fabric known to humankind" according to the seller, so that's nice. The slightly strange bit comes from the arm strap ("buttery soft austrian leather", although…

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