MacBook Air gets a 2012 makeover: Ivy Bridge, bigger SSD

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The next-generation MacBook Pro may be as good-looking as it is powerful, but it still isn't as slim as the MacBook Air. Also getting a 2012 makeover at WWDC, Gerald from Tech Digest runs us through the key new specs of Apple's catwalk-friendly notebooks. While all eyes will undoubtedly be on Apple's next-generation MacBook Pro…

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Next generation MacBook Pro with Retina Display revealed

Becca Caddy Apple, Computers, Netbooks, Tech News, Top Stories 5 Comments

After a long old wait, Apple have finally revealed the next-generation of their MacBook Pro line. And for once, the Cupertino company seem to have made good on every rumour that's made the rounds on the web these past few months. Gerald over at our chums Tech Digest gives you the low-down on everything that…

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Could Apple have a 15-inch Macbook Air waiting in the wings?

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Apple's had a lot up its sleeve so far this year, and it's only January. It may not have shown off anything of iPhone calibre at Macworld this year, but we did see a 17-inch Macbook Pro, an improvement to iTunes, with iTunes Plus, and the upgrade of its software suites - iLife and iWork.…

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Toshiba's Portege R600 – lighter than anything weighing more than 800 grammes

Susi Weaser Computers Leave a Comment

Despite the duller than dull product photography, the Toshiba Portege R600 actually boasts quite an accolade - the world's lightest full scale laptop, no less. It weighs 800 grammes, which is a full 200 grammes less than a 1kg bag of sugar (the accepted metric of weighing technology, I believe). That doesn't mean netbook-worthy specs…

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Samsung X360 takes 'world's lightest notebook' title from Apple

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Samsung's X360 notebook makes no subtle hints about it being lighter than the Macbook Air, which incidentally beats the Voodoo Envy to the punch. And although it doesn't mention Apple directly, by referring to it as "the lighter than air" notebook, it alludes to the fact it's smaller than Apple's offering. Zara managed to get…

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Apple slashes the MacBook Air by £310

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Apple did something unexpected and exciting over the weekend - it reduced the high price of the MacBook Air by over £300. It still might take you a few paychecks to be able to make the purchase, but at least your bank balance won't be as damaged. Apple's announcement is good news for some, bad…

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Guess who's carrying their Macbook Pro without protection?

Lucy Hedges Celeb gadgets Leave a Comment

Just because celebrities are overflowing with cash, it doesn't mean they should treat their Macbook Pro inappropriately. A simple protection case would suffice. But then again, they can afford as many Macbooks as their Apple loving hearts desire, so they can afford to be bit more risky. Can you guess who the gorgeous Hollywood hottie…

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Some very strange alternative uses for a laptop

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Do you remember Shiny Shiny's 10 alternative uses for a MacBook Air? If not, have a look now - frickin' hilarious. If you thought your laptop was just for work then think again. With its portable capabilities a laptop can be used for a myriad of things. Things that aren't even to do with computing…

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Custom made leather Macbook Air covers from AB Sutton

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We're used to AB Sutton producing custom made iPod and iPhone cases. But now they've added laptop cases to their string of custom made designs. So if you're a Macbook owner, you're in for a treat. The MacBook Air Buckle Slip (above) and the Simple Slip are very nice looking cases made of kidskin leather…

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Tech savvy women have started a gadget revolution (we could have told you that)

Lucy Hedges Columns & Opinion, Tech News 1 Comment

As the world gets increasingly tech-orientated, women are apparently at the forefront of what's hot in the world of tech. Gone are the days where we're associated with cutesy/pink/sparkly/basic gadgets. According to Sony Ericsson, we spend more on gadgets than we do on shoes - on average, £391 a year. That's a total of £17…

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