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‘Warmest regards': how to email like a douchebag

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Emails. We've had them for 36 years, but we're basically no closer to deciphering the etiquette of sending them. A quick straw poll on Twitter confirms what I've suspected all along – that NOBODY KNOWS THE RULES. Every day, electronically, we are sending each other more mixed messages than a carrier pigeon stew. Are you…

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How Instagram made me a better person

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We’re all narcissists now, had you heard? But of course you had. The news is everywhere. Self-promotion is the opiate of our masses, and vanity the virus that will eventually cause our slick, buzzy, digitally-enhanced lives to short circuit and blow a fuse. For every selfie and belfie and knelfie (that’s a photo of your…

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Queens of YouTube: eight female vloggers who you’ll want to be your new best friend

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Just when parents, career advisers and the media had got their heads around 'becoming a professional blogger' as a valid life choice, Gen Y moved things on a step. With social media becoming increasingly visual (why write a tweet in 30 seconds when you can Instagram in an instant?) and young people eschewing traditional TV…

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Pizza Express

How restaurant app Twizoo will make sure you never have a mediocre meal again

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I can’t eat at a restaurant unless I’ve heard that it’s good. I need a Grace Dent endorsement, at least two trusted friend recommendations or at the very least a crinkled Time Out review blu-tacked up in the window before I can risk putting my stomach and wallet in an eatery’s hands. As afflictions go,…

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iPod 1st generation with G5 iMac computer

First love: me, myself and iPod

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Last week, we discovered that Apple has quietly killed the iPod classic. While I shrug off the news of most tech deaths with a ‘que sera, sera’, circle-of-life-ish pragmatism, this one has unleashed a wave of nostalgia that I wasn’t quite ready for. I’ve fallen into a Spotify hole and not climbed out for three…

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How a clothes steamer changed my life, and other gadgets your wardrobe needs now

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I am a very creased person. No, I really am. Despite caring a fair bit about my clothes when it comes to buying them, I’m totally slack when it comes to looking after them, ironing them and making sure I don’t look like I fell asleep under a hedge. I don’t dare count the number…

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Twitter sand sculpture

Is the golden age of Twitter over? Why nobody retweets anymore

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‘My very best gag about [X] and not a single retweet? You lot don’t deserve me!’ – another day, another person on my timeline. They may seem cheerfully self-deprecating, but under the faux outrage of those tweets there bristles a real insecurity (I’ve decided) about their place on the platform, and the future of Twitter. After…

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vintage shop front

Retro without the rummage: how to buy vintage clothes online

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Vintage shopping can be wonderful, and awful. For every perfectly-tailored gem you dig out from the back of a dusty rail, there are usually several hours of exhausting, disappointing rummaging and trying on polyester frocks that don't stretch across your boobs. But thankfully that doesn't have to be the way anymore – because unlike our well-dressed…

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Life beyond ASOS: the best online fashion stores you’ve not discovered yet

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It's the world's most visited fashion site, and we've never wondered why – the postman always rings thrice where our ASOS habits are concerned (then pops back for our free returns). But even with its colossal choice of trends and labels, we're still getting a few too many 'ASOS? Snap!'  moments these days – notably one…

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Somebody the app

Somebody: Miranda July’s new social networking app is wonderfully pointless

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You’re either the type of person who will find Somebody, the new social networking iPhone app from writer and filmmaker Miranda July, incredibly lovely and charming, or the type of person who will want to throw a shoe at it. Based on the idea that ‘when you can’t be there… Somebody can’, the app bequeaths…

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Collage of digital (social) networks, Tanja Scherm

10 social network ideas that might just make us rich

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When Miranda July’s truly social new app Somebody launched last week, it inspired a vast spectrum of responses – ranging from ‘MY HEART IS WARMED AND HUMANITY IS SAVED’ to ‘strangers keep hugging me and now I hate the world more,’ with a lot of ‘but… why?’ in the middle. Meanwhile, we were thinking: what…

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Angry twitter birds - Ross Breadmore

How to complain on Twitter: A six step plan for sure-fire social justice

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Whether it’s dodgy products, bad food or collective public rage, Twitter is now apparently the quickest way to get a response from a brand. But that’s only when they do respond. It’s also the least satisfying channel for complaints, with only 39 per cent of UK organisations able to answer questions successfully through their Twitter…

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photographer with vintage camera

What professional photographers really think of your Instagrams #PhotoWeek

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One of the best things about the advent of apps, sharing sites and high-tech cameras in recent years is the way we all get to pretend we’re photographers. Thankfully the days of getting your holiday snaps back to find a roll of 30 blurry, thumb-obscured disasters are a mere memory – one that we’ve quickly…

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Comic book selfies

Pouting, Paint & Contrast: an ode to Myspace selfies #PhotoWeek

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Warning: this article features examples of extreme pretension and self-promotion. Readers of a weak disposition may wish to consult their GP before continuing. We know by now that selfies have been around for longer than we have. There’s Robert Cornelius’ first effort back in 1839, the Edwardian lady with her Kodak Brownie and at least…

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Window shopping at Simpsons, Toronto, 1937

Inspiration and perspiration: how to survive shopping in summer

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Online sales growth has actually slowed this summer. And although the proportion of online retail sales has leapt up a whole per cent from last year, at 16.7% it’s still a surprisingly small fraction compared to all the shopping we do in real shops. Whether that’s because (despite all the tech at work to minimise…

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The new narcissism: why am I addicted to my own Facebook profile?

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I’d like to admit something, and ask politely that none of you judge me. We are all friends here, in the cozy and confidential circle of trust that is the internet, aren’t we? Right then, here goes. My name is Lauren, and I Facebook-stalk myself. I am ashamed of the amount of time I spend…

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The case for the fashion phone – why we don't all need iPhones

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In a comeback to our piece on the death of the girl phone, Lauren Bravo from ShinyStyle casts a critical eye over the smartphone market and explains why there's still a niche for the fashion phone and why an iPhone isn't on her shopping list On finding out I was writing this piece, my (male)…

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