Amazon launches Kindle Unlimited, an all-you-can-read e-book subscription service

Tom Pritchard Gadgets & Apps 3 Comments

When you've got services like Spotify and Netflix that give you access to as much entertainment as you want for a small subscription fee, it can often make you wonder why there isn't really the same service for books. People love to read, so why can't they access as much content as they like in…

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Hackers could steal your Amazon account via pirated e-books

Tom Pritchard Gadgets & Apps Leave a Comment

Downloading e-books for you Kindle from someone other than Amazon could actually be putting your account at risk, according to German researcher Benjamin Daniel Mussler. Apparently a security flaw allows malicious code to be added to the e-book's metadata, code which activates when you open up the Kindle Library web page, giving it access to…

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A Florida university’s opened the first ebook-only library

Diane Shipley Gadgets & Apps Leave a Comment

Florida Polytechnic University has just opened to students, and has unveiled an 11,000 square-foot library that cost £36 million to build – but doesn't contain a single book. Well, that's not quite true: it has books, they're just not visible; they're in the cloud. Students can read paper textbooks if they want to, thanks to…

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Readers absorb less from Kindles than paper books, study finds

Sadie Hale Living & Decor 2 Comments

A study has found that people absorb 'significantly' less when reading books from a Kindle than when reading from their paper counterparts. As part of Europe-wide research examining the effects of digitisation on the reading experience, 50 readers were given the same 28-page short story by Elizabeth George and asked to read it - half of them using a Kindle,…

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10 Bright & colourful Kindle Fire, Fire HD & Paperwhite cases & accessories

Becca Caddy Accessories, Top Stories 3 Comments

We might be big fans of Apple's iPad range here at Shiny Shiny, but during a cool Amazon showcase last week we had some hands-on time with the new Kindle Fire HD tablet and needless to say we were pretty damn impressed with the online retailer's offering. Tech Digest editor Gerald Lynch wrote up his…

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CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Top 5 UK eReaders for all budgets

Becca Caddy eReaders, Top Stories 2 Comments

Everyday we get sent research telling us that eReaders are purchased as gifts and then never used afterwards, but regardless of what surveys tell us there are still a LOT of die-hard eReader fans, just take a look at how many hands are full of shiny little Kindles on the tube. So here's our pick…

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Top 10 bright and colourful cases for the Kindle Paperwhite

Becca Caddy Accessories, eReaders, Top Stories 1 Comment

You can now pre-order Amazon's latest eReader, the super slim Kindle Paperwhite with a built-in light, and although it has similar dimensions to past devices we recommend you get yourself a bright, colour popping case to keep it safe, snug and pretty when you're not reading. Here's our pick of 10 colourful cases, sleeves and…

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Tech Digest reviews the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Becca Caddy Amazon 2 Comments

This week Amazon launched its bright new Kindle, the Paperwhite, onto its online store sending the (still relatively new) Touch device off to an early retirement. But how does the new eReader compare? And is the built-in light handy or just a gimmick? Well luckily our sister site Tech Digest has reviewed the eReader, putting…

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Basic guide to Amazon's new Kindles: Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD

Becca Caddy Amazon, Top Stories 2 Comments

Last night Amazon's Chief Executive Jeff Bezos unveiled a number of highly anticipated new Kindle products and although they'd already been revealed in a US TV ad earlier in the week, the three new Kindle Fire tablets and Paperwhite eReader didn't fail to impress us. Here's a quick and dirty guide to the main announcements…

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Amazon reveals new Kindle Fire and Paperwhite Kindle in US TV ad

Becca Caddy Amazon 2 Comments

Last night an Amazon ad aired in the US featuring a Kindle with a blacklight, which looks a lot like the new Paperwhite device that we've seen leaked images of over the past few weeks. At the end of last month a picture of the Paperwhite made its way onto The Verge, looking very much…

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Will Amazon launch Kindle Paperwhite with backlight alongside Kindle Fire 2?

Becca Caddy Amazon 2 Comments

Amazon is set to launch something big at a San Diego press event on September 6th and as many of us are expecting the Kindle Fire 2, there are also rumours circulating that it'll be joined by other new eReader models, including the Kindle Paperwhite, which we've hear will be a new backlit E-Ink reader…

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AMAZON: We now buy more Kindle eBooks than printed books

Becca Caddy Amazon, eBooks 6 Comments

Online retailer and king of the Kindle Amazon has revealed that, for the first time ever, more people are now buying eBooks from its website than printed books. It's only been two years since Amazon introduced its first Kindle eReader device and in that time we've witnessed huge changes in the publishing industry, from ways…

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The London Project, Blizzard and the growth of 'ebook magazines'

Ashley Norris iPad Leave a Comment

Over the last few months members of the Shiny team have been working away on an ebook called The London Project. It features a group of bloggers writing passionately about the past and the present of the city they love. The book was created using a new-ish platform called iBooks Author, which enables the user…

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STUDY: Dirtbag Brits use eReaders to hide their erotic reading habits

Becca Caddy eBooks 2 Comments

Research has found that Brits aren't just using eReaders because they're handy and compact, but because it's easier to disguise the filthy books they're reading. eReaders may be a new big tech trend, super convenient to carry around and compact enough for the tiniest of bags, but according to a new study, many of us…

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Send to Kindle for Mac lets you simply drag documents to your eReader

Becca Caddy Amazon, eBooks 1 Comment

A few months ago Amazon launched a service for Windows users that allowed them to quickly and easily send documents to their Kindle devices and now HOORAY there's a new app for Mac users that does the same thing. And the good news is it's even more simple. Send to Kindle for Mac is a…

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